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A few hours north of London, the dark-grey sky, rising above ; It was a cold and cheerless evening

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A few minutes north of London, the dark-grey sky, rising above bbuildings ; tall and thin. One end of the city is filled with people, lights, clubs and pubs. The other side of the city is quite and dark. The fog seems to linger over the street, clutching the buildings, the streetlamps, the entire city, in a damp, icy grip. You can tell that winter is on its way. The buildings are camouflaged by the dark sky, shadowing the streets. The dark alleys, the big shops, the traffic jams, are all part of the jungle called St Johns Wood. The naked trees move, fiercely, with the strong wind. The city was lifeless. Cold dense rain fell, like the dark clouds above, are crying letting all the sadness fall on the city. Tall buildings were now barley visible the long roads looked like small pathways. ...read more.


The atmosphere was dead quite, lifeless only the sound of the strong wind and the rain, pushing the autumn leaves on the ground along with litter left by the thousands of people who were here earlier. There was no sound coming from the pond, or the picnic area, or the bridge, the long silence was broken by a cry. Deep into the park next to a fountain where 3 babies stood. There was a young girl of 19, sat there, burying her face in her hands, crying her eyes out. She had long black shimmering hair, which you can still see in the dark. She was tall and thin. Her eyes were a mystery to every person who looked into her eyes; like the sea her eyes were blue, and full of secrets. She was dressed in a red top with black trousers. ...read more.


He looked around to find people emerging briefly from the Dark, only to disappear again. These ghostly apparitions tormented Duncan,as he impatiently kept looking for her. Then it hit him. He ran as fast as he can, not knowing that his legs can run that fast. He fled past the gate, past the flower gardens, over the bridge, stepping into many puddles but he didn't care if it ruined his 250 pound shoes. Then he stopped. Gasping for breath he moved slowly of what he was sure of. He moved past the bush and sat next to her. He took of her hands and looked into her eyes with his sincere blue eyes, his light brown hair fell on his forehead. Gripping her hands tightly and rubbing her tears with his thumb, moving her more closely to him. "Im sorry!" he explained. Jamelia tried hard not to look at him. "Go away" she softly said trying hard to look strong. "But I j-" he was cut off by the sound of thunder. ...read more.

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