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A Journey is a story written by Colm Tibn in 2006. The story is about Mary, her family and their problems.

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A Journey A Journey is a story written by Colm T�ib�n in 2006. The story is about Mary, her family and their problems. In this essay I will find out what could cause the problems. To support my claims I will make an analysis and interpret the short story "A journey" in which I will put my interpretation into perspective with this to other items. The story starts in media res where we get introduced to Mary the protagonist, and her son David. At the beginning of the story there is a flashback. The flashback is from David's childhood. Suddenly the story moves on to present time, where Mary picks her son up from the hospital and drives him home. Almost the whole story takes place in the car. Mary is an ordinary married woman and it seems like she has an unhappy and depressed family. She lives with her husband Seamus and her son David, in the house her father gave her at her weeding. ...read more.


But then, once he was back in his own house, he would start to smile again" here we see that David wants to be at Mrs. Redmond house. He use to spend a lot of his time with her, so maybe he wanted Mrs. Redmond to be his mother, because she knew him better than Mary. The fact that he smiled when he came home, indicates that he was happy at home. Though it could be one of the reasons for why he becomes depressed, when he gets older. David's Father Seamus was once a principal of a national school. Seamus is ill and paralyzed in the half of his body. He does not seem interesting in anything as well as David. "Even when she read the newspaper to him, Seamus did not seem interested", even though he seems indifferent to almost everything, he still worries about his son. The title "A Journey" might reference to the end when Mary sees that her family is unhappy. ...read more.


To make a short summary of the text I can now conclude that the author wants to tell us how hard it can be when child grows up a need to independent. The Journey from being a child to be an adult can be very hard. The fact that child needed to renounce his mother and the childhood to become independent, could result a depression. In the story "A Journey" is their flashbacks from Mary's point of view and it help us to understand the situation. The first flashback is from David childhood "Mammy, how do people die?" he had asked, and Mary had explained how the soul left the body and then god (...)" here we have a dialogue between David and Mary where they both are having a conversation contrast to the car where it is just Mary who speaks while David is silent. The fact the author uses the kind of flashbacks might indicate that Mary miss the days where they had dialogue instead of monologue. ?? ?? ?? ?? Side 1 af 2 ...read more.

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