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A Letter From Gar

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A Letter From Gar Dear Madge, How are you? Do you miss me already? Or are you glad to have rid of me? I know I'm only gone and your probably thinking that idiot should be out enjoying himself but I just thought I'd check in on everyone back in Ballybeg and see how they are doing. I promised to you that I'd write and that's a promise I intend to keep, just in case you ever see me again, I wouldn't want you shouting at me for not writing. It'll be hard keeping my promise but because here, in Philadelphia, it seems I cant get a minute to myself. Its not like Ballybeg a small, sleepy village where everyone knows everyone and the people gossip about each other. It's the very opposite this city never sleeps and people don't have time for each other, whether its good or bad I don't know. I work so much sometimes I just wish I could go home to Ballybeg to salt fish and do nothing. My job in the hotel is alright although its nearly as exciting as working for old screwballs. The only difference is that I get paid well if you include tips. ...read more.


I really miss him sometimes and I still always wonder what could have been if I had left id love to come back and see what happens. Does he still dice with debt, gambling his life away, playing his daring games of checkers with the Cannon? He needs to see that the Cannon is an ignorant and a fool. Do you not see how he picks on Master Boyle? I know what you think of Master Boyle. You may think that the cannon has the right idea. Everyone including you and the Cannon think he is an old worthless drunk that should not be teaching children. I accept the fact that Boyle is a bit strange and that maybe he should not be teaching in his state. I still think he's a nice and humble man even if he is a bit rough around the edges. I think that I may have ended up like poor old Boyle if I was still living in Ballybeg, we had quite a lot in common, and I know what Ballybeg does to a man like him. Just remember Madge that man could have been my father if Screwballs hadn't taken her from him. ...read more.


They put on a sow and pretend to be hard; they didn't even acknowledge my leaving. I've thought about that a lot, I was angry at them, I thought they were not real friends. It was then that I realised that this is all because they are scared of reality; they have never faced up to it. They are so afraid that they try to live in their own small pack, a fantasy world they create for themselves. They have a selective and imaginative memory; they put their own spin on their stories to suit them. Remember Madge I was one of they boys, and I wasn't that bad, they're the same down inside, you just have to look for it. The boys need this imaginary world, their own small sub-culture, so that they can survive within Ballybeg. They are not acceptable within Ballybeg; people see them as being socially inadequate. Without the group each man would be lost. This group makes each of them feel powerful, proud and mighty, here they have some kind of status and everyone does not reject them. If the boys returned to reality and realised their insignificance no one would boost their confidence and self esteem. Staying within their sub-cultural society protects them and so they do not face reality. They are needed in the group. ...read more.

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