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A Life in the Day Of

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A Life in the Day Of Getting up on a morning is hard for me. Either I'm up and ready to go or asleep awaiting the shrill of my brother's awful voice. Angelic he may seem but once alone he's a Nightmare! Always running around yelling something from a film he's just watched. My mum says It was because of the MMR jab he received when he was a baby and just to ignore him and correct him if does anything wrong. I lay in bed a while watching "Everyone loves Raymond" the funniest comedy series of the year, through my frosted glass eyes. Realizing it's 8:20 I jump out of bed like I've been pin pricked. Pulling on my clothes as fast as I can, I grab my bag stuffing my books inside, "Be careful on the stairs", I think to myself as the last time I rushed down the stairs, I fell and bashed my head off the grandfather clock at the bottom. It was five years ago but I can still feel the pain. When I get downstairs my friends, who call on me every morning, are already there. My mum is preparing my lunch box, complaining how late I am and how I should pack my bag the night before. ...read more.


The subjects I'm especially good at are geography and science. I figure if I want to become a sports coach or teacher, I'll need to know about bones and how the body works e.g. for injuries. French is okay but I'm not very good at remembering things so it's hard to do well in tests, I'm lucky to get 5/10. I hope to get good GCSE results in year 11 as I would like to stay at Conyers Sixth Form. The lunch bell goes and everyone flocks out like a herd of elephants. We all race out of the Quad and make our way behind the TCs (Temporary Classrooms). They are more like permanent huts as they have been there for ages. We get the football out and begin. The most common game we play is Crucifixion, this is where people have to head or volley the ball into the goal passed the goalkeeper who loses a point, if the keeper loses all of his points he gets the ball smashed at him from point blank range (crucified). This is a regular occurrence for Phil as he is not the best footballer in the world, but is a good laugh. He also plays for Yarm; he is a centre back so if he misses a tackle it's pretty much up to me to prevent a goal (this happens quite often at Yarm). ...read more.


The phone constantly rings in our house it's like having tinnitus. "It's like the switch boards in here", my mum says. She is a lot like Yoda from Star Wars as she always tries to give advice on every subject. Playing on the computer having no knowledge of the world around me until my tea is ready, making the most gorgeous smelling food is my mum, it's my favorite, Spaghetti Bolognaise. I'm hard to feed seen as though I don't like cheese, which in my mind is devil food, which cancels out a lot of things so I end up eating fried food consisting of chips and beans. The doorbell rings, it's my best mate Mike; I've known him since I was about five years old. He lives over the road from me so it is easy to contact each other to find out if we're going out to play football or just to have a mess about. Getting in from football, I have a shower to rinse all the filth off my legs when in goal earlier and sweat from a hard days work at school. Exhausted, I fall onto my bed, it's as soft as a baby's backside not that I have been touching one, but I couldn't care less as I could fall into the land of nod on anything ranging from a bed to a forklift truck. I relax but it doesn't last long, it's morning and guess who's here to wake me up .....MY BROTHER! The End ...read more.

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