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A Life in the Day of Isabella Cassidy.

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Homework 6th September 2003 A Life in the Day of Isabella Cassidy It all started at approximately 7.30 that morning. The room was dark and tranquil when suddenly I heard a loud piercing buzz in my ear. After just lying there drifting in and out of consciousness I realised it was my alarm next to me. As I began to wake up the thoughts in my head were just bouncing around, I just couldn't make any sense of them. Maybe it was because I hadn't really awoken fully yet or maybe it was that I didn't want to even contemplate what they were, as they were probably about school or something like that. After a while of considering my options I realised that I should really get up because I'm going to be late!! As I got dressed I started looking forward to going back to school. I wasn't looking forward to the school part just the 'being reunited with my friend's' part. I hadn't seen them since the beginning of the holiday. Well I had but not all at the same time. I suppose I'd seen Lea and Bex the most in the holiday because they are my closest friends. I had missed being with them all in the holiday. We all have so much fun together laughing and joking. You know the normal friends stuff. I'd missed having our girlie gossips and our bickers. ...read more.


I should be okay I suppose. Now it's down the lower to SPACE with Mr Harris. It's so boring! I can't believe they expect us to stay awake in this lesson because it's almost impossible. Every now and again I fall out of the daze I'm currently in and try and focus but I just can't because it so doesn't interest me at all. We are making up rules for our class. I mean what's the point it's not like anybody will follow them. So Katy and I make up some regular rules, you know the usual ones like 'Don't bully others'. Saved by the bell at last! At lunch we usually sit in the sandwich hall and talk about regular teenage things. Such as: what we're doing at the weekend. Well this weekend is going to be fun because to start with there's no school. Secondly I'm going shopping with three of my good friends, Joel, Anna, and Jaden. That was so much fun because Joel fancies Anna so he's always trying to impress her and she's just oblivious to it. It's like so obvious; he buys her loads of stuff and just follows her round like a duckling follows its mother. She's got to realise some time soon. I'm always telling her but she's just like 'yeah right!?!' After shopping my whole family are going to my uncles for a curry and to watch the England and Wales games. ...read more.


We went our separate ways again; to get my well earned drink from the Strongbow cider bar. As you can guess I had some cider. It was so nice and took away my thirst. It was time for Feeder my favourite band. I had been looking forward to this moment for months and it was finally here. I pushed through the dense crowd, to basically the front really. After about half an hour Feeder finally came on. The crowd went wild especially me. After that cider I really got going. I was like in the middle of the mosh pit in the thick of it having a great time moshing the whole time. There play list was just so amazing. All of my favourite songs were there. My all time favourite song that represents Feeder, called Just A Day was the last song they did. They were just so mind blowing, amazingly wicked. They're aren't any words to describe the feeling I have when I watch Feeder at a gig or on TV or anywhere. I just get a real buzz and if I'm at a gig I go just like mental. I love rock music so much! Today had been a dream come true and I hope to go next year for both days. After a stunning day that I will never forget I lay in the car asleep dreaming about being in the crowd again and meditating on the days events. I can honestly say I'm shattered but it was so worth it! -Mrs Salmon-English-Coursework- ...read more.

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