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A Little Night Music

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A Little Night Music I walked into the virtually empty bar and thick clouds of smoke immediately choked me. The room was dark and stuffy and it smelt like the windows hadn't been opened for years. It took a while for my eyes to adjust to the dim light. At the opposite end of the bar, a lonesome man sat staring at me. I uncomfortably looked around, searching in the dark for the familiar face of my friend. Realising my friend wasn't there, I turned and headed towards the door. A low whispery voice came from the opposite end of the bar. "Are you looking for someone?" There was something creepy and mysterious about the man- something intimidating that made me nervous. "Yes, I was looking for my friend. I am meant to be meeting her, but she is late, as usual! I think I will wait outside." "Don't go outside. It can be dangerous on your own. You never know what might creep up behind you and frighten you................to death!" "I think I can fend for myself, but thank you anyway." I fled out of the door and almost fell onto the wet, glistening pavement. The orange light of the street lamp was reflected in the puddles, which were dotted across the road. Droplets of rain fell from the heavy, black night skies, and ran down my pale face. I breathed a sigh of relief. ...read more.


He had small, unattractive eyes and a large hooked nose. His lips were pursed together and his skin was withered and grey. His hair was greasy and scraped back into a small ponytail, and he had stubble on his chin where he had not shaved. His T-shirt was stained and I noticed traces of blood. His large feet thudded across the dank and dull, alcohol-stained carpet. I retreated a few footsteps, trying not to appear terrified. The telephone receiver fell out of my hand, and hit the wall with a crack. I heard the woman on the other end of the phone speaking, but I could do nothing about it. The man was advancing, and I had to do one thing and one thing only. Escape. The man's face was twisted in anger. I did not know why he was so angry with me. I had never even met the man before today. I could see in his eyes that he had killed my friend. He had a shallow look of pain and hurt and revenge, and it seemed he would hurt anyone to make himself feel better. I felt the brass doorknob behind me and grasped it with my trembling fingers. It twisted slowly in my grip until the heavy wooden door opened. A gust of wind pushed it open, and I edged out of the door. The man slowly edged towards me, his eyes menacing and cruel. ...read more.


As he lent over me once more, I jerked my knee just hard enough to whack him in his crutch. He winced and squirmed in pain. He dropped the knife just next to my hand. I stretched as hard as I could and managed to pick it up with my fingers. Working quickly, I tried to slice the rope to free my hand. The rope was thin and brittle, and so the knife cut through reasonably easily. I hurriedly cut the rope around my other hand and around both my legs. I jumped down from the table and tried to escape out of the door. The man grabbed my ankle as I ran, sending me flying across the floor. The impact against the rough carpet knocked the air out of my lungs, leaving me coughing, and gasping for breaths. I tried crawling to the door, but the man stamped on my fingers. I yelled in pain, as my fingers throbbed. The door was flung open. " Hands up or I'll shoot." An armed police officer stood there, and in her outstretched arm she held a handgun. It was a dull, matte black and had a silver breech. The man grabbed me and pulled me back towards him. He held the knife to my throat. "Drop the gun or I'll kill her." "Put down your weapon." Another two policemen ran up behind the women. They were both heavily built with muscular arms and massive feet. Both carried guns similar to the woman. ...read more.

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