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Congratulations, its a boy the nurse said to the new overwhelmed parents, as she wrapped it up in a light blue cover and passed him over to the mother

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Time for Celebration "Congratulations, it's a boy" the nurse said to the new overwhelmed parents, as she wrapped it up in a light blue cover and passed him over to the mother "Look Tony, look at our baby" cried Jacky "George Mathew Smith, yes, that's what we should call him, George Smith" thought Tony not responding to Jacky "Michael James Smith. What about that" "Actually yeah, go with that! It's modern and named after our dads! Keeping the names in the family hey" laughed Tony knocking Jacky with his elbow. Just when the couple thought things couldn't get any better the doctor came in looking concerned and uneasy "I have some bad news for you; your son has been diagnosed with hydrocephalus this is water in the brain, we think this was caused by pressure from using forceps during his birth so of course this was only discovered earlier on and thoreau checks have been carried out but I'm sorry to say he has definitely got hydrocephalus" Tony and Jacky were speechless they didn't know what to do or say, this soon took the smiles of their proud faces. ...read more.


Their lives after the first 3 or so weeks weren't as how they would have planned it with their new baby, they had never handled a a baby with hydrocephalus or any other disability so were weary when handling him but even though Michael was special and not like any other average child, they wanted to give him the nearest to a normal life as they could so they decided to get him baptized as soon as the vicar was next free which was next Thursday, they only had 8 days to prepare and invite all the guests to this celebration. "Oh isn't he lovely aye jack" Irene (Jackey's aunt) said "yer thanks" Jacky said smiling finally accepting how her baby was. They didn't feel they should be accepting gifts at first as it was nothing to celebrate their baby was a retard as some many call him but later they realised that they and everyone else that has a disabled child should celebrate the fact that they had put new life on this earth weather it has one eye, no legs, four arms or was backwards they are still human beings and Tony and Jacky felt guilty for not paying any attention to their baby and feeling ashamed of him as it was not his fault he was born in the condition he was. ...read more.


Let us not forget that this tender young child is embarking upon a special journey into life. And, as he grows up and passes through childhood into adulthood, he has so much to look forward to, to experience and to discover no matter what his condition is and as that journey gets underway, I hope that I shall have the opportunity to continue to be supportive and loving to the best of my ability" The audience appalled him as he took a bow and a sigh of relief as he only put pen to paper the night before and didn't think all would go as it had "What an excellent speech, it brought a tear to my eye" the vicar muttered. Tony gave a wink and headed for his seat at the front, next to his mother and Jacky. "If you would like to start heading for the church hall, were the party will beginner soon but could I please ask all family and close friends of the mother and fathers choose to stay behind for photographs with the baby" asked the vicar. Everyone was gathered together in the church hall for the last of the celebration and accounting everything a good day was had by all. Lottie Watkinson ...read more.

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