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"A pair of star-cross'd lovers" How far are the deaths of Romeo and Juliet Due to the family feud, to the actions of the other characters and to the idea of fate?

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Zo� Reynolds 10G 06/04/2003 " A pair of star-cross'd lovers" How far are the deaths of Romeo and Juliet Due to the family feud, to the actions of the other characters and to the idea of fate? Many characters in the play must bear responsibility for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. In addition the family feud and the role of fate may also contribute to the tragedy. Was it the fault of the nurse who drove Juliet to take the potion given to her by Friar Lawrence? Was it the unpredictable plan made by Friar Lawrence, or the ignorance of Friar Lawrence which lead to the tragedy? Or was it simply the tempers or Mercutio and Tybalt who are to blame? The parents and the family feud in the play made it very difficult for Romeo and Juliet to be together, so this meant they had to meet and marry in secret. Where the two families were involved in a feud and Romeo and Juliet were set enemies, was it fate that brought two enemies to the same gathering in which they could meet and fall in love? ...read more.


When the nurse turns on Juliet, she breaks the trust between her Juliet as the nurse had become Juliet's confident, as they had built up a relationship over the years. When it comes to the marriage to Paris, the nurse tells Juliet how she should forget Romeo because he is banished and therefore she could be happy with Paris, and he can support her with money. "I think it best you marry with the county- O he such a lovely gentlemen" Juliet is distraught by this, as her closest friend had told her to betray Romeo whom she loves. It may also be that the nurse could be using Paris as chance to cover up her actions because she had helped with the marriage to Romeo and could get herself into trouble if Juliet's parents were to find out. As Romeo had been banished, and Juliet has to marry Paris, bye encouraging the new marriage, Romeo would be forgotten and it would be as if it never happened. This shows that the nurse's fears and weaknesses make her at least partly to blame for what happened to Romeo and Juliet. ...read more.


As a result of this fight, Tybalt killed Mercutio, which infuriated Romeo. As Mercutio was Romeo's best friend Romeo was filled with revenge and killed Tybalt, meaning he was banished. Consequently the nurse encouraged the wedding to Paris, and Juliet going to the Friar for help, taking the potion and causing the two deaths. Likewise, Tybalt's temper and jealousy may also have contributed to the death. "I will withdraw, but this instruction shall, Now seeming sweet, convert to bitter gall" After the ball when Tybalt had seen Romeo and his friends intrude, he took an instant dislike to him and was determined for his revenge. In the process of detaining his revenge, his actions result in the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. In addition to the characters in the play, there was unseen force acting on Romeo and Juliet's love. The role of fate. Was it fate that two enemies fell in love? Fate that the letter couldn't be sent to Romeo and his friend Balthesar reached Romeo first? Or simply the fate that "Two star-cross'd lovers" were to end in tragedy? With all the people acting on the love of Romeo and Juliet, it was a for-gone conclusion that it would end in fatality. ...read more.

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