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A Picture Of My Life.

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A Picture Of My Life Over the years we had just grown apart. For many years we were best friends, then she was moved up a year, and we slowly parted. I remember how scared I was on my first day at the school we went to. She was so nice to me, looked after me. We use to go out into the playground and play on all the apparatus. There was a climbing house, where you could climb round the outside. Olivia and I were the only people in the school who could climb on every section of the house. We were daredevils. We use to play games, like 'it', and 'stuck in the mud'. We used to be the Queens' at the '3 legged race'. At sports day, we would always cross the line together, we always sat next to each other in lessons and in lunch and we were constantly pairs in games. In lunch I recall we were very naughty. We use to throw brussel sprouts at the teachers and at people we did not like. One day I was sitting next to her, and I was having a drink. She said the funniest thing and I spat my water everywhere. It was so funny we laughed for ages. She was always brighter than me, but I managed to keep up. ...read more.


I was on the way back form school for the weekend, and my mum told me. As I got home, I ran down to their house, no one was there. I cried until my eyes hurt so much. How I cried for them not to leave. The tears I have shed for that family would flood the World. I had to return to school once more. I could not even say goodbye. When I next came home, I stood outside their house and imagined them still living there the warm loving feeling was still there as I walked to the door, I turned the stiff handle only to find the door locked. I looked round to find the biggest window and climbed through. Once inside the house I slowly went around the house, re-living the memories of the time that we use to laugh and shout to our heart's content. I walked up the stairs and into her old bedroom. I sat there for a few hours, just thinking of all the things we have done together, the jokes we shared, the tears we shed and the laughs we laughed. Then I adventured into the garden, and lay on the hammock that they had not taken with them. Crying some more. How my safe world just turned upside down. ...read more.


I pranced up to the board. They looked and congratulated me and I congratulated them, as they were in the team as well. I tottered back to the house with them, still not sure of what to think or do. Outside I remember going mad, screaming and really crazy. Then "Get inside, what do you think you're doing?" We sprinted before she can see us. I have never been given the honour of being captain and now the chance had arisen I'm going to keep the position and try my hardest in hockey forever. It had got to the stage where I had been playing hockey for years and I had never been captain. I felt that I was worthy of something. People say "all you do is say three cheers for ......." but it's the fact that I'm finally thought of as being "good enough" for the title. I'm convinced that if you wanted something enough you could get it, and you could always achieve your goal. Its true, if you dream about something hard enough it will always come true. With all the things that have gone on in my life, I hope I can keep a positive mind and let no negative thoughts come into my head. Even if I don't keep the captain position, I am over whelmed with joy that I have been. How weird and wonderful life can be, or hopefully will be. Alex Elliot ...read more.

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