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A small boat breaking through the teeth like waves made its way towards the huge ship. There was a man and woman on this boat;

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Creative writing The glimmering moon's light bounced off the rough seas that surrounded the vast unmoving battleship hovering in the water. The waves crashed against the hull of the ship like a castle overrun with soldiers. The stars were like eyes watching your every move, like a jaguar lurking in the shadows. Apart from the boat, there was just ocean as far as the eye could see. The ship itself was huge and intimidating. It was once a mighty warrior but had now fallen from greatness into a watery abyss. The ship appeared to be empty except for an eerie mist that obscured the bulkheads engulfed in its wake. A small boat breaking through the teeth like waves made its way towards the huge ship. There was a man and woman on this boat; the man was manouvering the little fighter through the maze of water and crashing waves. The woman sitting at the back of the boat shivered with fear. The man was tall and broad with short brown military-like hair. ...read more.


The women coughed and retched whilst the man got right up and started looking for a way to the lower decks. "Why did you bring me here anyway?" she said with a puzzled expression "Because you are the best hacker of military computers and I need you to break the lock down on this quarantined ship. That is all you need to know at the moment." "You could have just asked instead of kidnapping me," she said with caution. "You would have said no," he snapped. "You are probably right," she muttered under her breath. He looked at his map then pointed to a door, labelled 'stairs'. She brought out her small laptop and, using a wire, plugged it in to a socket at the side of the door. There was a gleaming red light on the side of the door. When she connected her laptop to the door the lights turned green and the door lunged open. The man peered inside the staircase and saw the cobweb- ridden steps. ...read more.


He took a deep breath, and then he walked down the corridor to his left. She followed him keeping as close as possible. He looked over his shoulder, his face frozen with horror. She looked a round and saw the lights going out one by one rapidly coming towards them. He hands her a spare pistol and shouted "RUN, JUST RUN!" She sprinted down the corridor. She heard the sound gun shots whistling behind her; she turned a round and saw Lt. Surge being devoured by the approaching darkness. She froze in fear. Then she turned and dashed to the end of the corridor...... it was a dead end. She fired blindly into the belching dusk. She heard a blood-curdling wail then the shadows drew back and the lights came back on. She was relieved for a moment but then she saw the lights further down the corridor start to go out again. She did not know what it was. She did not know what it would do to her. But she did know it was coming for her and this time there was no where to run and no help to come. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ben Mandell ...read more.

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