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A Spy comes home.

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It was five years ago, I remember it as if it was last week. I'd been assigned a mission by the government in Slivovenia. I had some secret documents that I needed to give to another agent who would be waiting for me at the Peoples Park in Lindop at six o'clock. My contact Willoughby had rung me to tell me the details but she rang off abruptly before she could give me any information on the agent I was meeting. I arrived at the fountain in the people's park, as the sun was setting. There were a few children, shrieking and having fun in the playground, along with some women, who were obviously there mothers sitting and watching the children. I scanned the area by the fountain, there were only three people that could be my agent. The first person was a woman in her mid twenties with long blonde hair wearing a scarlet jump suit she'd obviously been jogging so I didn't think that she was my agent because her outfit made her stand out too much. She was just a jogger. On the opposite side from the young woman was a man in his early twenties. He was dressed casually in worn out but not shabby jeans and a denim jacket. The man had short brown hair and a pale face. Beside him was a lunchbox he was eating a sandwich from it. I'd made up my mind that the last person I saw was my agent. He was a man of about forty years old, which could mean lots of experience. ...read more.


The seconds went past. I had to get out of there but I stood motionless, my body tensed as I heard the sound of someone approaching the cabin. I dashed towards the bed and slung the knapsack over my shoulder as it was bound to come in handy. I jumped onto the table on the right hand side of the room. I fiddled with the lock on the window, cold sweat running down my palms making it hard to grip the lock. I panicked but eventually pulled the window up. I scrambled out of the window, glanced back, and out of the corner of my eye I saw a figure in the doorway, blocking out all the sunlight. I dropped to the grass below the window. I picked up the rucksack and started running towards the river. I got to the banks of the River Wiza and clambered back into the wooden canoe. I started paddling as quickly as I could. The aching pain came back to me but I couldn't stop until I was far enough away. I eventually stopped the canoe when I got to the junction where the river joined the gorge. I had to head towards the lock but then to the rapids because it was the only way of getting past without being discovered. I had heard many stories about the rapids. They were reckoned impassable, but all the traffic that goes through the lock, stays there for half an hour and is thoroughly searched. I started paddling the canoe towards the rapids. ...read more.


"I took his tractor and drove across the fields now I'm travelling up a dusty road" "How far do you think you are from the rapids?" "About half a mile to the left as the crow flies" "I'll send a micro light to come and get you just keep going the way your going." "Isn't that going to draw attention to me?" "You've got police trying to track you if we don't get you out soon they will have you and the documents" "Ok" The line went dead Willoughby's usual goodbye. I carried on driving up the dirt track. I had to drive the tractor right through the night because Willoughby had told me not to stop, at some points it got so dark I couldn't see where I was driving. The dirt road seemed endless, it just carried on going. As the sun was rising I heard the familiar sound of a light aircraft, I was hoping it was Willoughby and not just someone passing because I was exhausted. The chugging of the aircraft engine got clearer there was a gush of wind as the plane landed about 10 yards in front of me. I clambered off of the tractor and ran towards the plane. The door opened and I climbed in. I shut the door with the last ounce of energy I had left. The Co-pilot turned around and shouted over the sound of the ascending "We have to hurry back Willoughby has another secret mission lined up for you" I slouched back into my seat I had to rest while we travelled back, ready for Willoughby's next mission. That was My trip to Slivovenia it was one of the best but not one of the last. ...read more.

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