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A study of Kes by Barry Hines and Allan Stronach.

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Kes Essay (Good copy) We have been studying the play called "Kes" by Barry Hines and Allan Stronach. We also watched the film. We have been studying the Main Character, Billy Casper, and his home life, hobbies and school life. I will be writing about these points and some parts of the film. Billy is keen in falconry. He is very interested in this type of bird. He gets his hawk from a nest high up on an old ruined monastery where some of the bricks where unstable. Billy wants to train it but does not know how so he goes to the library to try and borrow a book on falconry. When he gets there he can not take it out as he is not a member of the library. So he goes to the shelf and steals the book. In the film this is different because he goes to a book store and steals the book there instead. He calls the bird Kes and keeps it in his shed. ...read more.


The talk is on his hobbies so he talks about Kes. At first he puts no effort in his talk but gets more excited as he gets more and more enthusiastic about it. He uses all of the technical terms. In the film this scene is good as it shows his enthusiasm for his hobby and the interest of the class. The next scene is set in the play ground at break time where Billy is alone walking around. He walks past a boy known as MacDowell who starts to say abusive things about Billy's family. Billy gets angry and they start to fight on a pile of coal. Everyone comes running to watch which is shown with a long shot camera angle. Mr Farthing shows up and breaks up the fight. MacDowell starts to argue with Mr Farthing and is sent inside. Mr Farthing starts to ask Billy about what things are like at home and we can see on Billy's face in the film that he does not really want be there answering the questions asked by Mr Farthing. ...read more.


He also did not really know what he wanted to do when he left school. He took a pamphlet on all the different job options he had. Billy walks home very slowly as he doesn't want to see Jud. Billy goes to see Kes but when he gets there Kes is gone. Billy storms in the house very upset and starts to cry. He shouts at Jud about how he killed Kes in cold blood. Mrs Casper steps in to the argument at this point asking if it is true and Jud owns up. Billy snaps furiously and he jumps up to attack Jud. However Jud is to strong for Billy and throws him off. Billy runs to the bins and tries to find Kes. When he does find him he puts him in his coat and runs off to the field where he used to fly him. He then digs a small grave for him in front of a bush. Billy is now weeping with tears. This scene shows us that Billy loved Kes and he was not just a pet to him but a best friend. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ross Craig 3F1 ...read more.

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