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A Veiw From The Bridge

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'A View from the Bridge' The Play 'A View form the bridge' is a modern Greek tragedy. A tragedy is a serous play representing the disastrous downfall of a central character. Tragedy is descended from ancient Greek theatre. The features of a Greek tragedy are: A tragic hero- The key element of a tragic hero is his or her weakness or mistake that changes everything for the worse; Melodrama- A melodrama is any type of writing that relies on sensational happenings; A Chorus- This was a group of actors who would inform the audience of events happening in the play, both on and off stage (A character called Alfieri takes this role in the play). When Arthur Miller was composing the play 'A View from the bridge' he wished to write 'a Modern Greek tragedy' as he was told a story which had a similar plot as the one he ended up writing. The play is set in America- Brooklyn water-front. In particular, the influenced of Sicilians brought in strong family traditions, both good and bad, at the time this play was set Italy were on the losing side of WW2. In the play he explores the struggles of the ordinary man against authority and very impulsive odds. The play's action centers on the main character of the play Eddie, as every significant act in the drama is somehow connected to him. ...read more.


A reason that they would also feel sorry for Eddie would be the stage directions just before he called the immigration services. "[A phone booth begins to glow on the opposite side of the stage; a faint, lonely blue. EDDIE stands up, jaws clenched]". This shows Eddie is extremely angry as he has his fists clenched. As well as this there is a faint, lonely blue glow that shines on him, this would show he is really depressed. The audience would feel sorry for him here. In addition to this, Eddies emotion is empathized as you can imagine how he feel's, as he has brought up Catherine and someone he does not like wants to marry her, and Eddie is self-deluded so does not think that he fancy's her. Eddie thinks he is just looking out for her. He is really struggling as he can not fight his feelings. The main feature of tragedy is the tragic ending of the play that is really melodramatic. In the ending there are loads of points showing anger for example when Marco calls Eddie an animal "Anima-a-a-l!" this is showing anger and disrespect as there is another exclamation mark that shows that it was most probably shouted and the fact that he calls Eddie an animal connotes that he no longer has any respect for him. ...read more.


Get outa here, alone. You hear me? Alone." He says 'alone' twice Miller is using the technique repetition this shows he is being really serious and he is not messing about. Arthur Miller has done this to make it extremely clear that Eddie does not like Rodolpho. Eddie also try's to be little Rodolpho by calling him 'kid'. There are a few cases of dramatic irony in the play like when the audience know more then what the audience do. "Why! How do you know they're not trackin' these guys? They'll come up for them and find Marco and Rodolpho! Get them out of the house!". This is dramatic irony as Eddie is saying he does not want them to be caught however, he was the one who went to the immigration services. He thinks he can get away with what he has done by blaming someone else for it. He is showing he is good at pretending as the exclamation marks shows he would maybe shout it but defiantly show he is saying it with anger. Miller modernized the play to make it clear that so many bad things can happen, and you need to keep control over your weaknesses. It is easier to believe that it can happen to everyone if it is modernized as it is happening to modern people rather then rich wealthy and famous people. By Alex Garrett ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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