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A VERY STRANGE EXPERIANCE Everyday every one of us goes through many incidents. Most of them we forget easily. But sometimes we willingly or unwillingly go through some totally strange incident that we couldn't forget easily. Now I'm going to tell about such an incident experienced by me. A few months ago we our whole family went on a visit to one of our relatives house at village. The natural beauty of that village charmed me and the house was beautiful. So, we decided to stay there for a few days. The house was spacious and had plenty of rooms in it. So, every one of us was given a single room to stay. ...read more.


I hurried to get back to that house because if it get dark I may lost the way. On my way back a strange old lady stopped me and asked me from whom house I'm coming from. I answered her and hearing the housekeepers name the lady stared at me with such a flaming eye that at that time I get a little bit frightened and leave that place immediately. When I was entering the house it seemed me darker as there was many bushy tree in the garden. When I crossed the garden area and closed to the house it seemed to me that this was not the house that we came to visit. ...read more.


Hearing my voice the girl started laughing and running through the corridors. I also ran behind her but couldn't get the girl. The girl suddenly stopped in front of one room and asked me to go with her and enter the room and I followed her. As soon as I entered the room the girl vanished leaving a bright white glow behind that I couldn't see anything through it. When the glow lessened I saw with sheer horror that all around me were a mass of human skulls and bones. Seeing this I screamed in my utmost high voice and then I couldn't remember anything. The next day when I woke up I saw the tensed face of my family. All of them were praying to god for me to get well. The very next moment we packed our bags and leave that house. ...read more.

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