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A view fomr the Bridge

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'A View from the Bridge' By Charlotte Strong 'A View from the Bridge' was originally written in the 1940's as a one act play (by Arthur Miller) however in the 1950's it was re-written as a two act play. The government grew concerned about the growing number of people entering the country, so they introduced new laws in 1920-1924 to restrict the numbers coming in. Italians were badly affected by this, which meant some chose to enter illegally. The play is set in Red Hook, New York in the 1950's in an American/Italian community. Hundreds of people each year emigrated to America from Italy. 1820-1920 saw the largest movement of people to America. The majority of these were illegal. They went over in hopes of a better life or to 'live the American dream' as many people put it. This basically means that you could come from any background, good or bad and start again; build a new better life and most of all succeed by working hard. In 'A View from the Bridge' two brothers, Marco and Rodolpho, travel over illegally from Italy to stay with their cousin Beatrice, her husband Eddie and her niece Catherine. The play shows the ups and downs of living with an extended family. Marco and Rodolpho both move to America; Rodolpho is hoping to become an American citizen and get a good job; Marco, however, only wants to stay in America so he can send money back to his family in Italy. ...read more.


But if I could cook, if I could sing, if I could make dresses, I wouldn't be on the water-front.' As Eddie still has hold of Catherine he turns her around to face him and kisses her, this in turn makes Rodolpho very angry. He tries to pull Eddie off Catherine but ends up being pinned up against the wall and receiving a kiss from Eddie. Rodolpho is too shocked at this point to fight back, Eddie pulls away from him and laughs as if he has proved Rodolpho 'ain't right'. Catherine is enraged by this Act and screams at him 'I'll kill you! Let go ya here me!' Eddie and Catherine's relationship seems to continuously go downhill from this point. After speaking to Alfieri and realising he can't do anything to stop Catherine marrying Rodolpho 'This is my last word, Eddie, take it or not, that's your business. Morally and legally you have no rights, you cannot stop it; she is a free agent', Eddie calls the immigration bureau and reports Rodolpho and Marco. 'I want to report something, Illegal immigrants. Two of them.' At the end of the play Catherine's hatred for Eddie ebbs away and she cries to him saying 'Eddie, I never meant to do nothing bad to you'. This shows that even after he reported Marco and Rodolpho she stills cares for him. ...read more.


Marco calls Eddie an Animal again. Eddie lunges towards Marco but Marco manages to grab his arm, turning the blade inward. Marco hated Eddie for what he did and believed he deserved what happened to him, Marco arguably killed Eddie in self defence. I believe the characters feelings towards Eddie change because of his actions and his attitude towards them; in a way he brought his fate upon himself for his jealously of Rodolpho and Catherine got in his way and clouded his judgment making him act irrationally and irresponsibly. At the beginning of the story you always got the feeling that Eddie was a violent man but good at suppressing it. I never really liked Eddie as you always had the feeling that his fatherly love for Catherine was a bit more than what it appeared. As the play continued my dislike for Eddie grew as he seemed a cold and almost uncaring character and very selfish. However at the end of the play in Act 2 you almost feel sorry for him when he dies but you can't really pity him because of his past actions. I enjoyed reading it and thought it was very interesting and thought provoking though the ending was predictable as you could clearly see what the outcome was going to be from the jail scene where Marco states that Eddie would already be dead in his country. ?? ?? ?? ?? By Charlotte Strong November 2007 ...read more.

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