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A view from a bridge

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GCSE English Coursework: A View from the Bridge - Post 1914 Drama Discuss the extent to which you feel Eddie is responsible for his own tragic downfall. 'A View from the Bridge' was written in 1955 and was set in Red Hook, Brooklyn. It was originally written in verse and then later written in prose. Arthur Miller wanted us to realise the irresistible force that brought a lot of illegal workers to America. He wanted us to see how a high standing man became a tragic hero within his family and community. Eddie Carbone was an illiterate longshoreman. His valiant progress towards self discovery tires the emotions with the same painful intensity that the play plays with his intellect. A tragic hero is a person who brings his own downfall through some fatal flaws. According to the Greek philosopher Aristotle, he says that in a tragedy, the problem of the central character should invoke fear and pity within the audience. In other words, the reader/audience will feel sympathy for the tragic hero at some point, and the fact that he has no idea he is 'falling down the bridge', shows that he is unaware of his plight and the audience would see him as an unwitting victim of misfortune. ...read more.


He feels it is necessary for a man to be aggressive and to use violence in order to state his authority and power. This is evident when he asks Catherine "What are the high heels for, Garbo?" Eddie asks this in a very sarcastic way, however, he is fully aware that he wants things his own way. First of all, Eddie Carbone is seen as a tragic hero in many ways, but he had his tragic flaws. For example, he had an obsessive love for his niece Catherine. Catherine was a young, beautiful girl who stayed with Eddie and Beatrice. At some point, Eddie became jealous when Catherine began a relationship with Rodolpho, who was an illegal immigrant whom Eddie allowed into his house. Helping a relative into a land that was seen as a land for 'greener pastures', you would expect him to be happy to be helping somebody find their feet, after the risk he took bringing them in. This can be seen when Tony says, "Your on your own now, just be careful that's all. Ground floor". This is evidence that they came illegally to the country. Throughout the play, Eddie is seen to be jealous of the couple's developing relationship and has a low opinion of Rodolpho. ...read more.


In this play, honour is an important theme. Honour is shown to be very significant, especially to the male characters. "It's an honour B. I mean it". This shows that Eddie does not mind that he is breaking the law to bring the immigrants into the country, as he knows it's an honourable thing to do. This also shows that to him, it is far more important than the law. To be honourable is to be respected; if you do anything dishonourable, you lose respect. That is why Marco and Eddie are so keen to protect their names and get a just conclusion. Codes of honour bind families and the whole neighbourhood with a sense of community. Everyone should look out for each other, to betray someone is the most dishonourable action imaginable. Eddie is a good example of a tragic hero, as he began as a simple, hard working family man, but became wrapped up in jealousy and betrayed his family. However, in doing so, he died for what he believed in. This is a reason why this play is a tragedy. In spite of Eddie's death, he won back his respect from Catherine, Beatrice and the community for fighting for what he believed was right. ?? ?? ?? ?? Gavin Lawrence 10F 1 Gavin Lawrence 10F Page 1 ...read more.

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