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'A view from a bridge' by Arthur miller.

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Craig young 11vk 'A view from a bridge' by Arthur miller' Year eleven coursework At the beginning of act 2 in "a view from a bridge" Arthur Miller creates tension in a number of ways. The first way Arthur miller creates a sense of drama by using body language eg) Eddie's arm "jerks slightly in shock" the body language of Eddie is Eddie showing his feelings of disapproval of Katherine and Rodolpho going out together to add to Eddys anger the fact that they both come out of the bedroom together. This shows Eddies love for Katharine but he is becoming far too over protective over Katherine. Arthur Miller also creates tension through the use of short sharp sentences through the scene as well as the repetition of key phrases during the scene, eg) ...read more.


Eddie pins his arms, laughing and suddenly kisses him. This shows that Eddie's feelings for Katherine are so powerful that they are uncontrollable; this causes the audience to be shocked and lose respect for Eddie. As well as these happenings, emotions are revealed in this scene, which heightens the tension. This is shown best by Katherine's fear of Eddie because she usually shows such admiration for Eddie. Eddie crying is also eddy showing emotion "Eddie strands of tears rolling down his face as h laughs mockingly at Rodolpho." While Katherine "is staring at him in horror" Katherine and Rodolpho are also behaving "out of character" by showing disrespect towards Eddie. Katherine usually acts childish towards him as if Eddie really is her father; and Rodolpho is usually trying to avoid conflict with ...read more.


In conclusion the contrast between the events with Eddie and Katherine and the mood of Alferi's speech at the end of the scene, also creates a sense of tension; due to the contrast between the short sharp aggressive sentences earlier on in the scene then when Alferi speaks there becomes longer calmer sentences, this contrast creates a sense of tension by making the audience think that something more is going to happen. As well as this a part of Alferi's speech makes the audience realise that something terrible was inevitably going to happen "but I will never forget how dark the room came when he looked at me; his eyes were tunnels. I kept wanting to call the police, but nothing had happened. Nothing at all had really happened." This shows that Alferi had the feeling that something had already happened so it seems almost certain that something would happen. ...read more.

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