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A View From The Bridge

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A View From The Bridge The play A View from the Bridge was written by Arthur Miller, born on October 17th 1915 in New York City. His parents immigrated to United States, where he went to university and had ambitions to be a playwright. After he got graduated he worked in journalism and in World War II he worked in the Brooklyn Navy Shipyard, which had a lot of Italian migrants. This play was first produced as a two-act play in 1956 in London. He became very influential playwright. The play is set in Red Hook, Brooklyn. A View From The Bridge is all about Marco and Rodolfo who came from Italy. They came to stay in their cousin's house Beatrice, who had Catherine and Eddie living with her. Eddie agrees to give the Italians shelter as he is man of the house, but he clearly knows that they are illegal and is willing to make the good sacrifice. The trouble begins in the house when Eddie's niece Catherine has an attraction on the younger cousin Rodolfo. This angers Eddie because he gets jealous and feels he has no choice but to get rid of the immigrants to protect Catherine. ...read more.


He also warns Beatrice and Catherine and tells them about Vinny Bolzano, saying to them how he set the immigration on his cousin and paid a hefty price, telling them not to call the immigration and grass them up. This shows he cares and respects the fact they are living here. At that moment Beatrice refers to her husband as an "angel", which proves that Eddie is a good, honest person. At the end of the play Eddie gains a lot of sympathy from the fact that he dies in the arms of Beatrice and that his last words were ''my b''. This makes the audiences feel very emotional and sad. He dies because he destroys himself in utter jealousy. Eddie used to smoke cigars and drink significantly, especially on the eve of Christmas, where he used to still seven or eight bottles of alcohol and get drunk. He also knows a bit of boxing. This shows that he fits in the description of Aristotle of him being manly. Some people in the audience may think that the ending of the play as a powerful piece of drama because the ending of the play is where all the excitements happen. ...read more.


He also allows Catherine to wear quality clothes and genuinely tries to protect her, although the exact things he did may not be totally acceptable. A tragic hero must have a fatal imperfection which is him getting stabbed by his own weapon. He also dies at the end of the play. He does become the enemy by calling the immigration to get rid of the immigrants as Rodolfo had a huge crush on Catherine, Eddie's niece, and he sees the need to protect her. Eddie himself had a crush on Catherine and kisses her but she does not respond. After an epic piece of play in my opinion Eddie as a tragic hero. Yes, Eddie acted in a cowardly fashion, but you have to realise that he thought he was doing right by his family and so felt he had to help Catherine from Rodolfo, who he thought was selfish and dangerous. The audience looking on from the side might think he was acting in an evil way, but Eddie was emotionally involved, which didn't allow him to think clearly. in he had a lot of jealously. By jaman khan 10P ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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