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A View From the Bridge

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In Act One of 'A View from the Bridge', Alfieri says, 'Eddie Carbone never expected to have a destiny'. How does Arthur Miller create the feeling that Eddie's tragic fate is inevitable? From the outset of the play, the audience sense something bad will happen to the protagonist, Eddie Carbone, as by the end of Alfieri's first speech he says, "sat there as powerless as I, and watched it run its bloody course"; consequently the audience anticipate a 'bloody' outcome to the play. When we are introduced to Eddie Carbone his character is 'highlighted among them', signifying the bloody conclusion will apply to him. During the play, despite Alfieri's best attempts, the series of events that follow are inevitable and the audience almost expect these events due to the numerous dramatic devices and hints and insights Alfieri provides. One of the most significant devices that help create the feeling Eddie's fate will be inevitable is the role of Alfieri. Alfieri has an unbiased view on the situation being a lawyer, subsequently gaining the audiences trust. The lawyer foreshadows Eddie's fatal ending in the play from the start, and is used as a narrator to give insights about forthcoming events and to reflect on their significance. ...read more.


from discovering her independence, that makes him sensitive to the presence of Beatrice's cousins - especially Rodolfo whom Catherine appears to be attracted to. Eddie goes to Alfieri to try and get Rodolfo imprisoned for using Catherine as a passport into the country, yet Alfieri hits a nerve saying "but she can't marry you, can she?" Alfieri knows Eddie's love for Catherine and consequently his inevitable fate because of it. Eddie was even prepared to commit the most terrible betrayal of his community and much loved family, threatening his name and valued reputation, which he held so dear to break up Catherine and Rodolfo. Eddie had a fatal flaw in his character, which lead to his downfall. He had too much pride to admit he was wrong. Eddie was murdered with his own blade in a fight to win back his honour in the eyes of his neighbourhood; however this tragic fate was inevitable from the beginning. He pride was what drove him and in the end it was a decision between his pride or death. Eddie was to blame for his death as he got too emotionally involved in other peoples business and wrote his own destiny as he resisted the natural course of things, 'a rive will drown you if you buck now', and intervened. ...read more.


Being the protagonist, the action revolves around Eddie. When he is calm, the atmosphere is calm and when he is hostile, the atmosphere is uncomfortable. This shows Eddie has the ability to create huge tension just through the mood he's in - which the audience realise could be dangerous. Throughout Act 1 dates and times are just approximate but during Act two they are precise; 'December 27th', 'just after 6 o clock'. This expresses to the audience that the tragic outcome is drawing nearer. In conclusion, I believe Miller creates the feeling Eddie's death is inevitable through various devices. From the very beginning Alfieri suggests the story will not have a happy ending and instead will have a bloody conclusion. The lighting and stage directions bring about a certain gloom to the set which creates a powerful feeling of dread so that the audience prepare themselves for the worst. As the story unfolds more clues are given through imagery and what characters say and how they act to reinforce this; 'a glare of warning', 'a trouble that wouldn't go away' and 'pray for him'. However, despite the various warnings concerning Eddie's fate, his death is still a shock and the audience are kept of the edge of their seats. ...read more.

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