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A View From The Bridge

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A view from the bridge By Arthur Miller Explain how Eddie and Catherine's relationship changes during the play: Though out 'A view from the bridge' Catherine and Eddie's relationship changes. A wedge is pushed between them because of Eddie's reaction to Catherine's new found independence. Eddie over reacts and reaches desperate measures to maintain a false sense of control over her and this is what ultimately results in the tragic ending. The opening scene is set in an old, run down tenement building. Eddie Carbone arrives home to meet Catherine, his wife's orphaned niece. Eddie made a promise to Catherine's mother on her death bed to be responsible for her. This resulted in there strong relationship, as a typical father and daughter. She asks what he thinks of her new hair style and skirt; 'Do you like?' This shows that they must be close, and that Catherine wants Eddie's approval. Following this, Eddie comments on the way Catherine walks and that it could be attracting too much male attention. ...read more.


Rodolfo and Catherine's love grows evident as they start to spend more time with each other. This influences Eddies feelings towards Rodolfo; 'He gives me the heebie-jeebies' and 'He aint right' -implying he's gay. Also Rodolfo talents of cooking, singing and sewing, weren't stereotypical of a man in the 1950s, Eddie uses it against him. Rodolfo may be different, but Eddie takes it too far. Eddie seem to take every unique about Rodolfo and twist it. Beatrice says that Rodolfo is a' goodlookin' hard workin' kid' and strongly disagrees with Eddie. I think that one of the main changing points in Catherine and Eddie's relationship is when Beatrice talks to Catherine about her behaviour around Eddie. She tells her not to 'walk around in your slip' and not to 'sit on the edge of the tub talking to him when he's shaving in his underwear'. She adds that ultimately 'If you act like a baby he'll treat you like a baby.' ...read more.


Eddie can see that there relationship has moved on and tells Rodolfo to leave immediately. Catherine says that she will go with him but as she tries to leave Eddie kisses her, on the mouth. I think that this shows Eddies true feelings as he is drunk. Catherine's decision over Rodolfo has been made and she remains strong. Eddie finally resorts to going against all family honours and phones the immigration bureau. Rodolfo is arrested and Catherine hates Eddie for it. She calls him a rat and says that he belongs in the sewer. Eddie has lost all respect and friends but most of all Catherine. Marco challenges Eddie for a fight. Eddie is stabbed and ties in the street, bleeding to death. Catherine tells Eddie that she never meant anything bad to happen to him. I think that she feels guilty for all that has happened. To begin with I thought that it was just Eddie's obsessive behaviour that ended his life. However I don't think that he understood his feelings for Catherine and so it was his confusion that hurt everyone and lead to his death. ...read more.

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