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a view from the bridge

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A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE COURSEWORK ASSIGNMENT "A LL THE LAWS ARE NOT IN THE BOOK." Would the audience of A View from the Bridge, agree or Disagree with Marco's statement? A View from The Bridge is a play written by Arthur Miller in the 1950's in the United of States of America. The original copy of the play as a book was released in 1955. The genre of the book is modern drama and it is set in Brooklyn, Manhattan in the 1940's -1960's. This was the time the number of immigrants from Italy immigrating to America drastically increased. Miller uses this issue as the base of his play and successfully discusses it through the characters of the play. The characters in the play are Eddie Carbone, Beatrice Carbone, Catherine, Rodolfo, Marco and Alfieri. The play is about Eddie Carbone a married man who lives with his wife Beatrice and her niece Catherine who is roughly 17/18 yrs of age. Eddie loves Catherine which is not fatherly love, but loves her in a way which the society will not accept. The love for Catherine is his motive, but Eddie is not aware of this due to things preventing him to see this, this is his culture and the culture of the community and also the respect he has in society. When Rodolfo and Marco who are illegal immigrants from Italy and also Beatrice's cousins come to America and take Shelter in Eddie's home, things start to go wrong, as Marco and Rodolfo act as catalysts towards Eddie and Beatrice's breaking marriage. Marco is here in America to work and send money back home to his wife and children and Rodolfo is here to get settled, get a green card. Eddie is over protective of Catherine and he does not like her talking to boys, so when she flirts with Rodolfo Eddie gets annoyed and when things start to get serious between Catherine and Rodolfo, he goes to Alfieri a lawyer to see ...read more.


From Alfieri's preliminary dialogue, what will happen is clear, and the point is made that man is powerless to stop it ' sat their as powerless as I, and watched it run its bloody course'. This makes it obvious to the audience that the problems that Eddie and the other characters face are difficult. The main character in Greek tragedies is a good person, usually a king or someone important, who breaks the natural unwritten rules in some way. In 'A View from the Bridge', unlike a Greek tragedy, Eddie is not a king or anyone important, he is an average man, but he is a good human, we know this because he is accepted in his house and society, provided for, being a father-like figure to his wife's niece, Catherine, due to her mothers death. A Greek tragedy is meant to make the audience empathise with the characters on stage so are meant to feel emotions for each and every character depending on what they do. 'A View from the Bridge' does this in many times; the audience continually reacts and empathizes with the characters. In a typical Greek Tragedy the theme of the play goes back to prehistoric traditions and this is to do with Justice, family and honour(respect), these themes are obvious in 'A View from the Bridge'. Alfieri addresses the point of justice when he converses with Marco near the end 'this is not god, Marco. You hear? Only God makes justice.' Family and also honour are incorporated right through the play, honour, this is clearly visible in the final act, where Eddie chooses to jeopardize his esteem by reporting Marco and Rodolfo to the immigration agency, his honour is crushed under his own feet when Marco spits in his face and insults him in the street, outside his house. Eddie is aware of the fact that his life will not be worth living in this community without his honour, 'wiping the neighbourhood with my name like a dirty rag! ...read more.


I believe that the audience of the view from the bridge agrees with Marco's statement as spiritual law also exists in the world despite not being written down in the book. Spiritual law is inspired from the bible or any other holy book for example "thou shall not kill" that is a law not in the book of the government, but the same is in the their book, this is killing is a crime and if committed then the offender shall be punished. So even though thou shall not kill isn't in the book but the same the law is carried out in the material world. Therefore all the laws are not in the book, as the laws in the holy book are also obeyed and carried out in today's world. Miller's point of view, well this that e wanted to get issues in the community across, which in my point of view he did successfully. The stage directions he used expressed emotions, for example when Rodolfo is singing the paper doll song, Eddie becomes restless and angry and this is shown by Eddie getting up from his chair and walking across the stage which is set up as a room, which the family are in. There is also another stage direction used, but this was done by lights. This is when Eddie calls the Immigration bureau. There is only one light on stage and this shines only on the telephone booth, so the rest of the stage is dark. This gives the booth significance and tells the audience that some one is about to make a very important call. And depending on the colour of the light another message can also be sent across to the audience. This is danger is a red light is used and depressing or confused emotions if a blue light is used. www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/english_literature/dramaviewbridge/3drama_viewbridge_dramarev2.shtml (Google web search- Greek tragedy ( a view from the bridge) A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE. POOJA VERMA 10X1 - 1 - ENGLISH ASSIGNMENT ...read more.

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