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A View From The Bridge

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A View From The Bridge A view from the bridge is a dramatic performance in which a tragic hero plays an important role in a small family feud. Based in Redhook, the play sums up the lives and situations some people had to face during their lives at these times in the area. This play is different from other literary genres because the play is made up of dialogue and stage directions. A novel consists of text. A play can show us emotions and feelings through what is said by the actors but a novel can explain this to us in words or dialogue. This play reflects a Greek tragedy because, like a Greek performance, it only has two acts, it has a chorus, Alfieri, there is a tragic hero, Eddie, and there is a strong sense of fate and inevitibility. Alfieri acts as the chorus. He plays two roles. In one of his roles, he plays a character and in the other he is a narrator talking to the audience. The purpose of a chorus is so the audience have some sense of involvement in the performance and can communicate to the chorus. ...read more.


We can predict that Eddie will lean an important lesson in life about family and going against the people you love. Eddie is a hard worker. He is straightforward and will let you know what he thinks of someone if he doesn't like them. Eddie is a family man and does what he thinks is best for everyone else. He likes to make the decisions in the household whether everyone likes them or not. During Act 2, Eddie catches Rodolpho and Catherine together in the bedroom. Eddie is drunk and reacts in an irrational way. Eddie violently grabs Catherine and kisses her. Rodolpho steps in and tries to stop him. Eddie then kisses Rodolpho. Eddie is trying to prove that Rodolpho is gay and not the right person for Catherine to marry. This is another way to show the audience his over protectiveness over Catherine. This is Eddie's crime against nature. Eddies moral decline is caused by his error of judgement. Eddie judges people before he knows what they are really like. In Act 1, Eddie takes a liking to Marco when he and Rodolpho arrive, but he seems to ignore everything Rodolpho says and does, because he is different and has blonde hair. ...read more.


Eddie dying was unnecessary but it made him a tragic hero. Eddie's death was caused by him trying to achieve 'The American Dream'. America is seen as the land of opportunity because you can achieve anything with the help of the American values such as hard work and money. Marco and Rodolpho went to America to find work and make money. Americans have a vision of owning a big house with a beautiful loving wife and two children. Eddie wanted a big, happy family. In order to achieve this he tried to get rid of Beatrice's cousins, Marco and Rodolpho, because he thought they would get in the way of his dream, the American Dream. I think that the whole play was based on the American Dream. The play itself revolved around having a happy life and American values, such as money and success. Eddie dreamed of the future and did not stop to consider problems and issues that he had at the time and hid it behind smiles and polite conversation. Like most plays, this one had a moral. The play teaches us not to judge people by what they look like, but to treat people the way you want to be treated. Sian Morgan 10:8 ...read more.

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