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A View From The Bridge

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A View From The Bridge Themes: * Love * Family * Honour * Justice and law Look at the theme of love and talk about why it is a strong theme. Back up your answer. Love The strongest subject matter flowing through the play is love. This is because all the actions and speech of the individual characters are related to love. Love is the main issue within this play which leads to family ties being weakened and to such extents that those involved in love have to undergo hardships. At the beginning of the play we see the matter of love being that which bonds Eddie, Catherine and Beatrice together. Beatrice loves Eddie deeply, yet Eddies love for Beatrice is slightly slack, but more than how it becomes near the end. Eddie and Beatrice both adore Catherine, Beatrice's niece; however, Eddie's love towards Catherine gradually becomes more passionate, thus leading to a lot of violence consisting of physical and verbal abuse. ...read more.


This is made apparent in an explicit manner when Beatrice is very assertive and says - 'you want somethin' else Eddie, and you can never have her!' This in turn portrays Eddie as a husband who had betrayed his trust towards his wife as he pushes the love he once had for her aside, and begins to feel to a great extent towards his niece. Hence, the betrayal in this case is due to the issue of 'love'. When Rodolfo arrives to stay with the Carbone's, Catherine and Rodolfo's thoughts about each other become extremely strong such that they propose to marry each other, 'when we get married.' The intensity of Rodolfo and Catherine's affection towards each other, leads to Eddie having envy grow within him. Thus, Eddie ends up telling Rodolfo to leave, 'get your stuff and get outa here. ...read more.


Rodolfo's love for America is also that which could be blamed for him being attracted to Catherine. This is because if he hadn't felt such love for America he wouldn't have been staying with the Carbone's and wouldn't have seen Catherine as often as he did. Thus, we see it's Marco's love for his family and children, and Rodolfo's love for America, leading to Rodolfo's love for Catherine - which in turn intensifies Eddie's love for Catherine and less love for Beatrice. From all the events related to love, we come to see it's Catherine's love for Rodolfo and Eddie's love for Catherine that leads to his destruction. Thus I conclude it's the 'love chain' causing hatred and envy within the family, which in turn results in all problems that arise. It's also the issue of love, which all events are revolved around. Zara Choudary Year 11 ...read more.

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