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A view from the bridge

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A View from the Bridge Act One ends with a tense confrontation between Marco and Eddie. Explore the dramatic significance of this scene as a whole. A View from the Bridge is a very well layout play. It starts with a warm home life with only slight tension in the atmosphere. Although as the play carries on tension builds between the new arrivals and the main character Eddie Carbone. This is because of the relationship between one of the immigrants, Rodolpho, and Eddie's niece, Catherine, which is looked down upon by Eddie as wrong. Marco being the protective older brother sees it as his job to stick up for Rodolpho. So by the end of Act One tension has built rapidly and leads to a confrontation between Marco and Eddie and it is clear to the audience that the play is a Tragedy. The play set in the early 1950s is about two parts of a family coming together and the events occurring. Eddie and Beatrice Carbone are a working class couple in Brooklyn and are guardians for their niece Catherine. At first it is a warm and lively atmosphere but tension is apparent in Eddie's reluctance to accept Catherine growing up although Beatrice is there to make Eddie see sense. Beatrice's two cousins move from Sicily to America to earn money. ...read more.


Marco is the last character to be drawn into the situation at hand. He until this point is forcing Rodolpho to obey Eddie's rules as he is concerned about his family in Sicily as is shown on many occasions and does not want to jeopardize theirs and his safety. Although Eddies attack on Rodolpho cannot be overlooked and it changes the play as a whole. Marco then feels he has to stick up for his brother and the consequences cause huge amounts of tension. Beatrice has stuck up for Catherine many times but did not realise it was so serious. In this part of the play she comes to a sad realisation that Eddie's feelings cannot be ignored. She communicates her disapproval in a public manner. This starts to happen when Eddie is telling Rodolpho off. 'Well be an uncle then' Beatrice says to Eddie and it is known to everyone including him that it is in a criticising way. Beatrice can no longer ignore that she does not agree with how Eddie feels and lets him know this quite early on. There are many dramatic devices used within this play especially around the tense confrontation between Eddie and Marco. The main device used is the stage directions. It shows how at first Eddie separates himself from the group and turns to Marco a lot for support. ...read more.


He feels that after what Eddie does in Act Two it would be dishonorable not to kill him. He says about how in his country he would already be dead. This shows us his views on justice. It shows how Sicily has different ways of dealing with problems. When he is talking to Alfieri he says 'All the law is not in a book' this shows he also would take matters into his own hands. When Alfieri replies 'Yes. In a book. There is no other law.' it shows he also has very different views. He feels that everything should be done by the law and justice should not be dealt with by one person. The title could show us that the play is about a difference in culture. 'A View from a Bridge' could mean things including that they are crossing a boundary into somewhere that is very different. The bridge is very symbolic and shows that Sicily and America have two very separate cultures. As in they are both at either end of the Bridge. Also in the play the way Marco and Rodolpho have to adjust so much from one culture to another is very significant. The tragic ending in the play is now almost inevitable because we have seen how Marco and Eddie both have very strong views and are willing to take matters into their own hands. This tells us that the play will not have a happy ending. ?? ?? ?? ?? Nicole Turner 10T ...read more.

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