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a view from the bridge

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A view from the bridge 'How has miller crafted the character of Alfieri and what is his significance?' Miller has created the character of Alfieri in an important way he has a lot of roles such as being a lawyer, an Italian-American immigrant and also known as the Greek chorus. Miller has created the main character as Alfieri and has made him crafty as what he does with the Italian immigrants; he is the one who brings them in America. Alfieri is also a good friend with Eddie's family especially with Eddie and Eddie's father. Alfieri is important in this play because he is linked to every part of it and is the Greek chorus and a lawyer and all these things are linked to him and he also thinks that justice is very important and he knows when things are going to be messed up and he knows why they are going to be messed. ...read more.


Another important thing I spot was that whenever the scene finishes, Alfieri would come and when another scene starts the play would be after two weeks. Alfieri is also a different class to all the other characters to the play. The characterisation of Alfieri is done very cleverly and useful to the play and is a very positive person in this play. He is the most important, very different character to any character in this play. He is a friend of Eddie and Eddie's father because Alfieri was representing Eddie's father in an accident case. He is a supportive lawyer and knows what is right. The language that miller has used is a slang type of words its like a natural play and its almost like the characters are at home and talking to each other at home and using their own choices of words and how they talk in the house and how they present their actions and respects to each other. ...read more.


The theme was also been presented by the characters by saying things that they would be betraying someone or a trust of someone. Miller uses dramatic techniques like he would be raising tension with the audience where as if something has happened and wants to create more tension, miller makes a pause from there so the tension builds up. He also uses techniques of interruption like when Catherine and Beatrice are talking with each other in act 1 Catherine says Oh... well, I wanted to tell him something and I - And then Beatrice says I know honey. But if you act like a baby then he'll treat you like a baby. That when Beatrice interrupted her so that a technique that he used because the audience wants to know what she wanted to say but someone interrupted her. ...read more.

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