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A View from the Bridge By Arthur Miller - In this essay I am going to be discussing the quote 'the guy ain't right'.

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A View from the Bridge By Arthur Miller In this essay I am going to be discussing the quote 'the guy ain't right'. I am also going to be continuously referring to the play. I will also consider why Eddie is who he is in the play. I will also say what Eddies stereotype of men are. In addition try to find out why most of the Italian community went to America and how they found life in America. I will begin the play briefly reminiscing about the play. Although Eddie is not Catherine's father, he is a very strong father figure to her and the man of the house. The immigrant community is very much a patient society. The father and male is an authority figure. Eddie is very protective of Catherine in both positive and negative ways. Eddie really loves and cares for Catherine, and will do anything to protect and look after her, but his love for her is obsessive and possessive. "You can't take no job. Why didn't you ask me before you take a job?" Eddie does not want to let Catherine have a job. As Catherine's father figure, Eddie feels he should choose her husband, as that was done in Italy, but Eddie cannot let go of Catherine. Beatrice suggests that he would not approve of any young man for her. Eddie rules the house and expects that what he says goes; his wife and daughter figure should be obedient which the Italian system was Marco and Rodolfo arrive; they are in America because they are so poor and desperately need work. ...read more.


In the end it is because he is not able to 'settle for half� and solve a situation by giving a bit as well as taking. The tragedy is inevitable, but is strengthened by the Italian culture. I am now going to consider why Italians in general may have gone to the United States of America during those times They may have gone for money or they be escaping something from the country for maybe illegal reasons. They may have come for cultural reasons and or maybe for experience and decided to live there. What ever the reasons were that they were there, they were still illegal immigrants without a valid passport. The number of men, who left Italy was much higher then the number of women. The Italian men usually came to America to earn money not to settle down and begin a new life. Some of the Italians returned home but it was usually to get married or visit. Eventually many of the Italian men decide to stay permanently in America therefore their wives and children joined them. The family usually consisted of uncles, aunts and distant cousins also referred as the extended family. Each member of the family had a specific role to do. They all looked out for each other. The sons and daughters cooked and looked after their younger siblings and did the gardening. The mothers and aunts also cooked and the men worked. Grandparents, uncles, aunts, close and distant cousins all lived in the same house. One was not supposed to leave his or her family. ...read more.


and gives the reason that there had been no singers in the house and suddenly a singer arrives and it would look a bit suspicious . He then questions Rodolfo if he wants to pick up. 'The guy ain't right' Eddie says this to Alferi when he is trying to stop the marriage between Catherine and Rodolfo. He is suggesting that Rodolfo is gay. Eddie then goes on to say how Rodolfo makes dresses and sings. To Eddie this is not normal because Eddie believes that men should be as masculine as they can. 'He helps Beatrice set out the coffee things' this seems to clarify eddies opinion because a man shouldn't help to set out the coffee things it is more of a women's job. 'He sings on ships didja know that?' Eddie says this to Beatrice when Rodolfo and Catherine have gone out. Eddie couldn't believe that Rodolfo sings on ships. He then goes to say that how his workmates are calling him (Rodolfo) 'paper doll' and 'canary' these are nicknames you give to singers mostly girls. Eddie has a different view on how boys should act. He feels that men should be more masculine. In conclusion I feel that it is Eddie's fault that he died. If he had not been so jealous of Catherine and if he had learnt to appreciate his wife then he would have still been alive. If Eddie hadn't been more judgemental of Rodolfo then Eddie and Beatrice would still be together and in love. I feel Eddie should have revealed his true feelings for Catherine by telling Beatrice Jemini Patel 10JY Mr Slater (SL) - 1 - ...read more.

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