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A View from the Bridge - The Themes of Love, The American dream, Justice and law are all evident in the play. Show the dramatic impact/effect of these, with particular reference to Catherine and Eddie.

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A View from the Bridge The Themes of Love, The American dream, Justice and law are all evident in the play. Show the dramatic impact/effect of these, with particular reference to Catherine and Eddie. The play 'A view from the Bridge' is set in New York in Red hook. The play is based around a close community of Italian-Americans. The Italian Americans often harvest illegal immigrants from their native Italy so that they can help them gain wealth in America. Italy during the 1900's endured from enormous poverty, traditional people in Italy suffered from starvation, lack of money and opportunity. Countless of Italians had turned to America, where they believed that plenty of opportunity, wealth and success existed. Italian communities in America felt it was their duty to help the Italians, and would often aid illegal immigrants migrating from Italy. Harvesting Illegal immigrants was violating the law, so the Italians lived together were they could trust each other and protect themselves from the outside world. The Play persists around a longshoreman called Eddie. Eddie is the man of the house and is married to Beatrice. The couple have a niece called Catherine. Catherine is not of blood relation to Eddie, however, Catherine had been brought by Eddie and Beatrice because Catherine's mother had died when she was young. ...read more.


Rodolpho arrives in America leaving no immediate family in Italy. He has no wife or kids. Rodolpho has migrated to America so that he can change his life style. He believes that America can offer him a more suitable life than Italy. Rodolpho really wants to be more like an American. 'I want to be like an American.' Rodolpho has caught the imagination that being an American can help achieve more in his life. Eddie is honoured at his initial reaction for Marco and Rodolpho to be accommodated at his home. 'Then what the hell b it's an honour' Eddie is implying that it would be an honour for Marco and Rodolpho to stay with them. One of the codes among the community is to facilitate family. Eddie is honoured because he knows he will gain plenty of admiration for harbouring Marco and Rodolpho from the people in Red Hook. Louis a friend of Eddie also proclaims that Eddie will gain respect and honour from his community.' Believe me, Eddie you got a lot of credit coming your way'. Louis believes that allowing Marco and Rodolpho to stay with Eddie, will not only bring respect and courtesy from him but the whole of the Red Hook society. Rodolpho who has arrived to Italy to revolutionize his life style starts to begin to impose himself on Catherine. ...read more.


That one stole food from my children! The impact of Eddie's actions has lost his respect and honour within the community. Eddie's actions has broken the code, he has become a hated figure within the community. We see this when Eddie tries to grab the attention of Louis. 'Louis, Louis...' Louis ignores Eddie and the sense of anger is revealed in the community to Eddie. Eddie is desperate for his honour in the community to be once again established. 'I want my respect'. For Eddie to receive the honour of the community, Marco must express regret to Eddie, and hearing that Marco has been released from prison, Eddie seeks to confront him. Marco is looking for revenge against Eddie, Both men want justice from one another, and neither man can stand down. This in the end leads to Eddie's death. Both men begin to fight and Eddie gets stabbed and dies, the play ends in catastrophe. The themes in the play effect the Characters of Eddie and Catherine a lot. The play persist to effect these character. Justice effect Eddie's death, and love effects Catherine's relationship with Rodolpho. The theme of the American dream produced a huge impact to the characters in the play the most. It displayed how Rodolpho and Marco's quest for the American dream. However, no one in the play endures the American dream, and with the play concluding in calamity, Aurthor Millers portrays that the American dream is not real, and through working hard not anyone can be a success to themselves. ...read more.

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