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A View from...... Ever since I was manufactured, I have been tortured as if I have been living in my very own prison. Every time I try to look up, I witness someone or something descending on me; it really puts a lot of burden and stress upon me. Due to this unbearable burden, my leg is nearly broken. It really makes me wonder why these repulsive and atrocious unknown objects commit such dreadful sins. Nothing in my life is new. Everyday of my life is the same; I achieve nothing with the exception of being sat on and being given a large number of stresses from thoughtless and uncivilised anonymous creatures as if I have been given a punishment. ...read more.


However, I heard the objects talking to each other as if they are planning something against me. Also, I noticed that there was an unidentified creature talking to the objects about the creatures having some sort of test. The anonymous object began giving out sheets of paper to the other creatures. This made me believe that this whole room may only be a place for learning and not a place where you plot ideas to destroy me. I have just realised that these unidentified objects may only be coming to this room to be educated and not to plot ideas to destroy me. ...read more.


It kept on putting wrong answers to the easy questions. For example there was a question asking 'if wood is flammable or not?' and he put no and gave the most extraordinary reason why wood is not flammable. The chances are that the anonymous creature would fail the test with flying colours! The day seemed young yet the sun has set. The day seemed like a second. It passed by very rapidly. Perhaps due to myself being very interested in the unknown object's test, I had received a stress free day. This made me realise that there is more to my life than being under stress and that I should enjoy everything that life has to offer me. A view from a chair ...read more.

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