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A wife in london notes

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A WIFE IN LONDON i She sits in the tawny vapour That the Thames-side lanes have uprolled, Behind whose webby fold on fold Like a waning taper The street-lamp glimmers cold. A messenger's knock cracks smartly Flashed news is in her hand Of meaning it dazes to understand Though shaped so shortly; He-has fallen-in the far South Land..... II 'Tis the morrow; the fog hangs thicker, The postman nears and goes: A letter is brought whose lines disclose By the firelighter flicker His hand, whom the worm now knows: Fresh - firm - ...read more.


A mutter of guns at the front; A whimper of sobs at the rear. And it's War! Orderly, hold the light. You can lay him down on the table; so. Easily - gently! Thanks - you may go,' And it's War! But the part that is not for show. A tent, with a table athwart, A table that's laid out for one; A waterproof cover - and nought But the limp, mangled work of a gun. ...read more.


What a mess it has made!' And it's War! And a very unhealthy trade. III The clink of a stopper and glass: A sigh as the chloroform drips: A trickle of - what? on the grass, And bluer and bluer the lips. The lashes have hidden the stare... A rent, and the clothes fall away... A touch, and the wound is laid bare... A cut, and the face has turned grey... And it's War! 'Orderly, take It out. It's hard for his child, and it's rough on his wife. There might have been - sooner - a chance for his life But it's War! And - Orderly, clean this knife!' Edgar Wallace ...read more.

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