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Achieve your Dream

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19 Gasworks Lodge Sumtown Surrey KT12 123 7 Dream Lane Kensington and Chelsea London SW1 6FG 7th November 2009 Dear Mr. Smith, I am writing to you in response to your 'Achieve your Dream' letter that I have received. It gives me great pleasure to be given this opportunity to prove to you that I am worthy of achieving my dream. To enable you to grant me a dream, I will first tell you a bit about myself. My name is William; I live in Sumtown in Surrey. I have one brother, called Pete. I have lots of friends at school, like Ben, Bob, and Billy. We often play football together in the park, after school. ...read more.


One of my ambitions is to have a successful job; also owning property overseas, perhaps in New York and Mauritius is something else I have always aspired to. My dream is to spend a month with some of the top businesses in the world; seeing the fortune 500 companies in action. I feel working within and near such prestigious and successful companies will excel me a propel me into the top sector of business. I feel working with these people really helps people to be successful and yes, I know many people talk about 'self made millionaires' but really, how many people fail when trying to set up there own business? ...read more.


My dream is to be successful, above anything else, and so I believe that granting me this dream will help me to become well known as a star businessman. This would mean more to me than anything else in my life up to this point. I believe I am more suitable than anyone else as I have been told that I have a star quality; I am hard working dedicated and people tell me I will succeed, with hard work of course. I feel that I have a business quality, and all I need is a little bit of inspiration from you and I will make it work.. So in conclusion these are the reasons that I feel you should grant me my dream, for I am the most hardworking and the best potential businessman you will see. Yours faithfully, William ...read more.

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