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Achromatic Life

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Achromatic Life Introduction: This story is about a sad, disabled girl whose name was Lorraine. Unfortunately she was blind, deaf and wasn't even able to say anything. Her mother's name was Mrs. Callam and her father's name was Mr. Callam. Her teacher's name was Mr. Glen. Chapter 1 Lorraine was born into a very rich family. Her father was a businessman. They had a very big house. Unfortunately she was blind, deaf and wasn't even able to say anything. She never knew what she was doing so that's why she was always doing something wrong because of her disability. She didn't even know how to eat food. She always ate food like animals. On her seventh birthday, she was passing near the dining table. There was a candle on it. She threw that candle with her hand unknowingly, which caused a very big fire. Her father often beat her because of her problems but always her mother tried to save her and always Mrs. Callam said to her husband, "It's not Lorraine's fault, she is helpless, she don't know what to do". Sometimes Lorraine got lost in her big house so that's why her parents attached a bell around her waist so they could find her easily. Someone told Mrs. Callam that there is a teacher, Mr. Glen who would be able to teach Lorraine how to improve her life. ...read more.


He pushed her into a small swimming pool. First Lorraine cried but at once she felt relaxed in the water. Mr. Glen holds her hand and brought it towards her lips and said "Are you happy in the water?". Lorraine replied in the same way by holding his hand and brought it towards her lips. Mr. Glen shouted in happiness "Mr. Callam! Mrs. Callam! See your daughter is talking to me. She can talk, come and see". Both of them came and they start crying in the happiness that their daughter can now speak. Lorraine was starting to touch the beauty of the world. After this miracle, Mr. Callam gave permission for Mr. Glen to teach her. Everyone in the house became very happy and to share their happiness with their relatives, Mr. Callam arranged a marvellous party. Each and every guest congratulates Mr. Glen for the superlative work that he did for Lorraine. Chapter 3 As the time passed, Lorraine learnt a lot of words. Now she was able to describe her feelings to her best friend Mr. Glen through the signs. Mr. Glen tried to teach her each and every thing through signs that other students of her age were learning. Mr. Glen continued his hard work as well as Lorraine. They didn't lose hope. By the age of eighteen, Lorraine was able to understand and reply using signs. ...read more.


The principal of her university announced that Lorraine is the pride of his university. He asked her to come on the stage to get an award by him for achieving graduation. At last she fulfilled the dream of her teacher Mr. Glen. Her principal told her to express her feelings. Her parents were also present there so her mother translated her signs for other people. She said "I got this level just because of my honorable teacher Mr. Glen. He worked very hard and he spends his whole life towards making my future. He taught me manners, how to spend my life. Because of him, I learnt how to eat. He taught me all the things that were impossible. He taught me dark is not black. It is the colour of achievement, colour of knowledge". She told the audience that she wanted her teacher Mr. Glen to come there and look at her with her precious award but unfortunately he couldn't come. She said, "If he came here I am sure that he would be happier than me because today I have completed his dream". Then Lorraine went to the hospital to show her award to Mr. Glen. She said to him "Look at this award which you have wanted for fourty years. Today I have completed your dream. Unfortunately, he didn't remember anything. Now she started trying her best to give him his memorial. She thought that Mr. Glen was the best teacher in the whole world who taught her to achieve what was impossible. Moral: "Nothing is impossible if we work hard!" ...read more.

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