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Aggressive Skating

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AGGRESSIVE SKATING My favourite hobby is Aggressive Skating. When people think of skating they perhaps think of people skating along Brighton Pier. Aggressive Skating is totally different. If you have never heard of it or tried it you are in for a treat. Aggressive skating is expensive to start if you are new to the sport. Specialist shops sell everything you need, they are Roller Snakes, SS20, Transition, Skater's Paradise, H.P.S (Half Pipe Sports), UK Skates, Blue Room etc. There are lots more shops that I could name but those are the better ones. The costs of the skates vary from �120 to �230. There are two different types of skates; hard boot and soft boot. The main difference is hard boot is made all out of plastic, soft boot is made from material and fabric and plastic inner boot. You can buy extras for your skates like frames and wheels. Unlike skateboarding there is not a set clothes style as such. You can buy some shirts and jumpers with some sponsors or brands on them but not a lot. ...read more.


You can go to Skate Parks at any time and usually they will have some low rails to practice on for beginners. Park has different ramps such as, Half-Pipes, Spine, Volcano, Mini Street course, Death Box. Competition skating is for those who are sponsored or want to be sponsored. The prize money is quite good but the extras are better. If you skate competition then you may get spotted and you could get sponsored. When you get sponsored you get free merchandise such as skates, wheels, clothes, frames, bags anything to do with skating. They want you to advertise their gear so others buy them whilst you get it all free. The social aspect of skating is basically all about friends. I started skating a year ago and I only knew three people but now I know 47 people who are my friends. Whenever the weather is good we arrange to meet each other at a particular park and we skate all day! Sometimes parents get angry because we are missing all day. ...read more.


The spins I have achieved is a 720. For me this is hard but my little brother who is 13 can do a 900 and land it. The second trick type is Air this is where all the back flips and grabs come in. I can do lots of grabs but I cant back flip or front flip. Some of my friends can do somersaults. One day soon I will try a back and front flip then get into the complex stuff. The third trick is grinds and there are many different grinds I can do all the basic grinds and I can do some hard ones too. I can True Spin, Full Cab, Unnatural, Topside, Zero Spin and Ally OOP. These are different ways and types of grinds. In skating you must be safe, you should be prepared for anything. The type of protection you can buy will help you not to get injured badly but you will still get hurt. There is a very high danger level and injuries can be as minor as grazes to broken bones, but it is an adrenaline rush and you must try it. RYAN PALMER CREATIVE WRITING ASSIGNMENT Page 1 of 2 ...read more.

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