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"All the relationships in Act 1 of A View From The Bridge are unhealthy" Discuss

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"All the relationships in Act 1 of A View From The Bridge are unhealthy" Discuss There are several meanings of the term unhealthy when considering it in context with relationship. But in this essay I will discuss unhealthy as morally unhealthy. I will discuss the relationship between Eddie and Catherine and the effect of Rodolfo, the relation ship of Catherine and Rodolfo and the relationship of Catherine and Beatrice. Catherine and Rodolfo have a seemingly normal relationship but their underlying motives could be viewed as unhealthy. They start out by dating which in itself seems to be perfectly strait forward, but certain doubts about Rodolfo are shown to Catherine by Eddie. It is suggested to her that he is only going out with her because "he is only bowin' to his passport" and that he goes out and "a new snappy jacket he buys, records, a pointy new pair of shoes and his brother's kids are stavin' over there with tuberculosis?" These accusations turn their relationship from perfectly healthy to unhealthy as doubts are placed on Catherine about his motives. ...read more.


As the act draws to a close it seems frighteningly obvious that Eddie is beginning to have thoughts of a sexual nature and fells that Catherine is his property. He feels that Rodolfo goes out with her "and takes and puts his filthy hands on her like a goddam thief" Originally Eddie and Catherine's relationship is a normal one that you would expect to find in any family but as the play unfold Miller tries to convey the mounting sexual tension between them. He coveys this through scenes with phallic imagery and by the end of the first act it can be said that their relationship is totally unhealthy. The relationship between Catherine and Rodolfo also manages to make Catherine and Eddie's relationship unhealthier. Rodolfo does this by putting strain on their relationship. Eddies then becomes "jealous" and often seems paranoid. This manages to expand and bring to the surface Eddie's incestuous felling towards Catherine. This new Eddie is strange and is described as "like a stranger" "it was only a passion that had moved into his body". ...read more.


Even Beatrice seams to see this "maybe I'm jealous". This seems to be an odd thing for a married woman to do and this lack of love that leads to jealousy could be seen as an unhealthy feeling to have in a supposedly loving family. Miller seems very interested in exploring the emotions behind people relationships and what they show about the character. In Most of the relationships in Act 1 of A View From The Bridge it seems that the reasoning behind the characters actions a all perfectly normal, legitimate and seem to be generated out of concern for each other. But below this outer fa´┐Żade is a much more sinister inner core of reasoning that seems to be generated by the subconscious. These subconscious urges, distort the character's actions, turning their motives from loving family values, to twisted sexual desires and nagging questions of sexual inadequacy. I think that it is safe to say that from all of the relationships I have looked at we could say that they are all unhealthy, but as there are more relationships in the first act, other than the one I have looked at, it would be impossible to agree that all of the relationships in it are unhealthy. ...read more.

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