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An examination of the detective story genre in stories by Arthur Conan Doyle.

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Introduction I have been studying the Sherlock Holmes stories including: The adventures of the speckle band, the case of the yellow face and a case of identity. The first story I read was "The adventures of the speckled band which is a story about a cruel stepfather who is willing to kill his stepdaughter for her inheritance money from her mother. The other story, the case of the yellow face is a story about a woman who takes �100 and keeps visiting a cottage. This makes her husband very suspicious of her. The final story I read was "a case of identity, which is about dr. Watson practicing medicine at the bed of a sick person, only not everybody believes that Watson is practicing his medicine. ...read more.


Certain speech quotes in "the adventure of the speckled band" show signs of an old language. "My dear fellow, I would not miss it for anything" is a typical style of old language as I doubt anyone would start a conversation like that in the present day. Most speech quotes show typical examples of how long ago these stories was set. Holmes is an extremely popular character within the stories as he is seen as a top detective by many readers. Holmes is a very observant character in all of the stories. Holmes shows observation in each story as he likes to observe evidence and clues which could solve the mystery. Holmes is also a highly intelligent person shown throughout all stories as he can always find a conclusion. ...read more.


As the people of the nineteenth century didn't have much entertainment it was down to Doyle to entertain them. These stories send out a positive message to readers as the readers have taken such a like to the character of Sherlock Holmes. Readers of Doyle's work hopefully will get the message that "you can't get away with murder" somebody will find out, in this case it was Holmes. After reading all three stories I feel that "The adventures of the speckled band" is the one I prefer the most. The evil step father believes he can get away with killing his step daughters, only for Holmes to get in the way. This has proved to be a very good story line as recent television dramas have used similar storey lines. ?? ?? ?? ?? Chris Lamming 11EC ...read more.

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