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An inspector calls Arthur Birling Analysis

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"I can't accept any responsibility" (Mr. Birling Act 1) Explore how the characterization of Mr. Birling contributes to the drama of Act 1 and consider to what extent he is a product of his time. In the play "An inspector calls", the audience seems to learn more and more about the most commanding character of the play, Arthur Birling a self-centered man in his mid-fifties who owns and runs a relatively large factory in a town called Brumley. He acts quite stereotypically as he is rather like what you would imagine a pompous factory owner to be like in 1912. ...read more.


He is excited about the marriage because it will be good for the business so that his factory and Gerald's business could collude. Arthur says that a man "has to look after himself- and his family too" and the fact that he says himself first and his family too second shows the audience how he-being the powerful factory owner he is- prioritizes his duties as a businessman, a husband and a father. "A man has to make his own way" this shows that Arthur has worked to get this far in life and wants his business to come even further. ...read more.


Arthur isn't a very polite man the audience could start to believe this for throughout the whole of Act 1 Arthur never directly says thank you to Edna who is his "parlour maid" whom he treats comparatively badly especially due to how old and weak she is. When the "inspector calls" Arthur is the first to doubt his authority as if he was not even an inspector after all. Even when doing this Arthur manages to brag about his years as the Lord Mayor as well as an alderman. Throughout act one, the future (Sir) Arthur Birling ceases to amaze the audience with his endless list of accomplishments however his self-centeredness and choice of business over family can really turn the audience against him into thinking he is a boasting businessman who only cares about business. ...read more.

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