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An Inspector Calls by J.B Priestley was a play based on trust and responsibility and taking responsibility for your own actions and centres around an upper class family just before World War 1.

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An Inspector Calls Essay An Inspector Calls by J.B Priestley is an intriguing, influential and cleverly thought out play set in Britain in 1912 which was known as the "Edwardian" age. Arthur Birling provokes hatred and contempt from the listening audience. The plays story is based on a wealthy family, Arthur Birling - Head of the Birling household, Sybil Birling - The mother of Sheila and Eric, Sheila Birling - Arthur and Sybil's daughter a pretty young girl in her early twenties and soon to become Mrs Croft and Eric Birling - Their son who uses alcohol and his immature behaviour to get him into difficult situations. The majority of the play is about Inspector Goole interrogating the family about the death of a young woman called Eva Smith. He speaks to them about it individually and shows them a picture of Eva. He eventually by the end of the play gets them to confess what they did and he manages to persuade them that they all had a part in her death. I think this play is well worth the read it shows the emotions and how the family feels throughout their ordeal. It also lets you see how their personalities are affected and that it's best not to lie because you are always found out. Now, a quote that Mr Birling says to Gerald Croft during the play shows that he isn't bothered about his daughter's happiness but the possibility that ...read more.


"Theres a fair chance that I might find my way into the new honours list." Mr Birling grows concerned when Inspector Goole starts questioning him about Eva's death but throughout the play I wasn't able to tell if he was more worried about the death of Eva and the consequences that he will be faced with or whether he is more concerned about his knighthood this shows a side of greed and that he is only bothered about himself and what happens to himself and his family. Moving on, a quote that shows that Mr Birling is a very snobbish and arrogant man and only wants whats best for himself and his family and that everyone else can just look after themselves but what Mr Birling doesn't understand is that there is more than just himself and his family in the world. "A man has to make his own way, has to look after himself and his family too of course, when he has one you'd think everybody had to look after everybody else. Nonsense" This shows to the reading audience he doesn't understand that everybody is here for everybody and that if everyone looks after each other and respects each other then the world would be a happier place but Mr Birling is trying to deny the fact that this is true or that he doesn't care either way he is proving to be a really selfish man. ...read more.


happened, what I thought about was the possiblitlies that the Inspector may not be real he could be a figment of the Birling familys imagination after all they had been drinking and with them being highly emotional it is possible. Also It is debated by some people that he could be a ghost due to his surname Inspector Goole using the word for a ghost "Ghoul" but lastly as the play ends it shows Mr Arthur Birling getting a phone call from the police and he finds out that a girl has commited suicide in the exact same way the inspector described to them but because she only died a little while before this phone call the inspector couldn't have known this. In conclusion, "An Inspector Calls" by J.B Priestley was a play based on trust and responsibility and taking responsibility for your own actions and centres around an upper class family just before World War 1. A scene in the play was all about the engagement celebration party for Mr Birling's daughter, Sheila. To the audience everyone seems to be having fun and enjoying themselves and they are excited for their future together but tension begins to rise when Mr Birling realises that Gerald Croft's parents aren't at the dinner and we never find out during the story why they are not present, however this poem has uncovered various attitudes and personal sides to each character and thus making it a satisfying read. ...read more.

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