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an inspector calls essay

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An Inspector calls. By JB priestly. Priestly was a socialist, he thought that the divide between rich and poor was a problem. Priestly also helped set up a political party which he believed would give people a fairer system. His work and ideas helped to bring changes such as the welfare state. He wrote the play in order to put across his views. " We don't live alone. We are members of one body. We are responsible for each other." This shows Priestley's socialism through the character of the inspector. It shows that we should think about how we behave around other people and how we are all equal. The play was set in 1912 and written in 1945. This was to remind the audience of how it was before the war. Also it was set in 1912 so Priestly could incorporate dramatic irony. In the opening of the play Priestly uses dramatic devices to draw in the audience. ...read more.


Therefore, not only does it show the Birlings upper class, it also shows that there is a special occasion. The characters costumes are roughly described to match the correct period of time. Men more-so, partly because they would all have been the same, and partly because this would be a strict dress code for a special occasion in those days. This would tell the audience immediately what period the play was set in. At the begging of the play the lighting is a soft pink, this is to show how relaxed the Birlings were and that everything was ok. Like the expression "looking back through rose coloured spectacles." Then as the inspector arrives there is a dramatic change of lighting to a hard, brighter light to show the inspector's sternness. At the beginning of the play the characters are each described briefly of their characteristics and emotions. ...read more.


He is thus creating in Birling an untrustworthy character-if he is wrong about this he might also be wrong in other things he says. Birling is portrayed as a typical business man, an individualist, and a capitalist and his attitudes reflect that. For example he makes a speech to his son and future son in law which is interrupted by the inspector. He repeats the idea that "a man has to make his own way, has to look after himself" which seems to embody his individualistic philosophy. It seems that Priestly uses speeches as an important device to highlight the opposing views in the play. The inspector's final speech would almost parody this earlier speech in that he proposes the exact opposite view "We are members of one body. We are responsible for each other" Priestly uses the character of the inspector as a mouth-piece to say his socialist views. 'An inspector calls' is very much a play to put across Priestly's veiws about things he believed in, e.g socialism. An enjoyable mystery performance for people who like a twist. ...read more.

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