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An Inspector Calls Essay What does Priestley show the audience about responsibility?

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An Inspector Calls Essay What does Priestley show the audience about responsibility? Eva was a young pretty girl residing in Brumley. She was unfortunate to meet the Birling family. The circumstances around Eva were so bad that they led to her death. She was a working class woman in her mid twenties. However she had no family to support her when she most needed help. Mr Birling was involved with Eva's death when Mr Birling claimed that Eva was a ring leader so he sacked her. However she was a `good worker` and he just sacked her because she wanted a pay rise, Birling states in act 1, ` they wanted the rates raised so that they could average about twenty-five shillings a week. I refused, of course.` She needed the raise because before the strike occurred here was a holiday season where she couldnt provide for herself which led her to being in poverty. When Mr Birling found out that Eva had died from drinking disinfectent he didn't feel at all responsible. When he says of course it shows that he doesnt understand that workers can get a pay rise(stage directions). After two months with no work, Eva was granted a job at Millwards. Eva was enjoying working at Millwards until Sheila came in and used her power of her family name to get Eva sacked. ...read more.


And I still feel the same about it, and thats why I dont feel like sitting down and having a nice cosy talk.` By this he shows that he cares about what they all did to her. When Eva was left homeless. She was desperate for help as she had no finance coming in so she went to the Brumley womens charity organisation to ask for help. Eva would never ask for help so she went in with the name Mrs Birling However Mrs Birling took action for her name as she was jealous that it was identical to hers. Therefore she acted with excessive hubris towards Eva, even though her job demanded the opposite. She ensured that Eva wasnt given any help and her case was turned down. Mrs Birling did not feel guilty for what she had done like her husband Mr Birling, she claims `ive done nothing wrong - and you know it.` Which illustrates her denials snd her arrogant nature. She is extremely hypocritical as her job is to help those like Eva Smith. She has learnt nothing. During the play Priestly created a split in morals between the different generation for instance Mr Birling, Mrs Birling and Gerald Croft didnt learn their lesson whereas the younger generation did, which was Eric and Sheila. ...read more.


It shouldnt take someone getting caught for them to be sorry. They believe that if he wasnt a police inspector then it is just a joke, nevertheless that is not true as they still admitted their actions. Whether it was one girl or five different girls, one suicide or not, they mistreated people they met due to judging her class distinctions. All of their actions were self motivated all they wanted was what they could set for themselves. Priestleys viewpoint represents the moral message ; each of the characters did something morally corrupt. Whether it was a serious, life changing action such as abandoning a pregnant woman or a seemingly less significant action such as complaining about a shop assistant, each serves only to affect her in a detrimental way. Regardless of suicide, mistaken identity of or a prank, Priestley wishes the audience, like the Birling's, to understand how our actions often have unseen repercussions. Priestleys moral message is delivered through the inspectors message. Evidence from the message is `Millions and millions of...still left with us...all intertwined with our lives... we are members of one body. We are responsible for each other.` By telling us this the author wants to reflect on the social prejudice, exploitation and immorality. By commenting on socialism Priestley links the play to the social context it was written in. ...read more.

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