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'An Inspector Calls' - Explore the dramatic importance of Arthur Burling's speech after dinner.

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Explore the dramatic importance of Arthur Burling's speech after dinner For my English coursework I shall write about the dramatic importance of Arthur Burling's speech after dinner. An Inspectors Calls was written by J.B Priestley in 1945 however it was set in a pre-first world war setting (1912) in the fictional town of Brumley. J.B priestly uses this difference of 33 years to create dramatic importance as the audience would know about the outcomes of historical events which the characters in the play had no knowledge of. This allows Priestley to make the characters sometimes look quite naive and silly especially Arthur Burling. The play is mainly about how a rich upper middle class family are all made to confess about the major parts they played in the events leading up to the suicide of a lower class girl by a rather odd police inspector. In the play Arthur burling can be viewed as a traditionalist who preaches and practice the values of Edwardian Britain. He is a prosperous business man who has worked very hard for his money, and is very pleased with himself. He has also been active in local politics and in the past has been the lord mayor of Brumley, however at present Mr Burling is a magistrate. ...read more.


This again contains dramatic irony because the audience know that the Titanic sank on it maiden voyage in April 1st 1912 when it was struck by an iceberg and sank in the Atlantic and Many people lost their lives Mr Burling predicts that in the 1940s there will be peace and economic prosperity and rapid progress everywhere except for Russia. This creates dramatic irony as the audience know that the 1940s was not a prosperous time because the Second World War was in full swing at the time. Also the unemployment rate in Britain was at its highest point ever and Britain was actually suffering an economic recession. He believes that "a man has to mind his own business and look after himself and his own". This shows that Mr Burling has a capitalist attitude unlike Priestly who is a socialist and believes that people must help each other to bring about social stability. The dramatic importance of Arthur Burling's speech is the fact that Priestley uses examples of mis-judgment such as the Titanic (which was thought to be unsinkable, however it sank) and the first and second world war (which Mr Burling, thought was impossible and was never going to happen) to deliver the moral story of the play and to show the audience that Mr Burling is wrong in his beliefs. ...read more.


You're ready to go on in the same old way?' and Mr Burling replies 'And you're not eh?' This shows that Birling eventually learnt nothing and was ready to continue in his old ways thinking of just himself and his family. But then at the end, just as you think Birling is ready to carry on as usual the phone rings and a real inspector informs Mr Burling that a girl has just died after swallowing some disinfectant and that the inspector will be coming to speak to Mr Burling about the incident. Conclusion From the play I can see that J.B. Priestly was a very political writer who had very strong socialist views. His political and socialist views were undoubtedly influenced by what happened to him during World War One these experiences caused him to become a pacifist, which is somebody who strongly believes in world peace. The play 'An Inspector Calls' is a channel for Priestley's views and criticisms on the social mores of the time. The message of the play would have been particularly effective to the audience of 1946. J.B. Priestley knew that the message of his play would reach the war-weary audience of 1946 more effectively than it would reach the audience in a different period of time. I believe that Priestley is trying to tell the audience that they must learn from the harsh lessons of war and do not repeat the mistakes of the past Page 1 of 3 Waseem Mahboob Inspector Calls Coursework ...read more.

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