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An inspector calls is a play by Jb prestly written in 1945.

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AN INSPECTER CALLS by Joss Cook An inspector calls is a play by Jb prestly written in 1945 but set in the past 1915 i am going to write about the production of an inspector calls by the dicector steven doltry Who aslo directed billy eliots. i saw this production at the alhambra theater bradford in may 2003 the main charecters are arthur birling ,sybil birling, shiela birling, eric birling, edna the maid, gerald groft and inspector goole. Arthur Birling is an old man with two children.He is the owner of a succesful business, ex lord mayor of brummley when royalty visited and thinks he is on the honours list to get a knighthood.He is very pompous. Mrs birling is on a charity comittee and is from a better background than Arthur.She is very proud of her self and has very set views on what people of lower backgrounds are like and what emotions they are capable of. Sheila Birling is a woman in her early twenties.She has been raised protected form the world and is selfcentered.she is about to marry gerald groft sheis very sencitiveshe cares about people and she can face up to her responsibilities. edna plays no major part in this play gerald groft is the son of lord and lady croft he seems to care about people ...read more.


the mood before the inspector arrives is chery. we know he enters because he casts a shadow over the house and it opens up to revesal the party and how every one is cheary. the inspector was dressed like Humphrey Bogart. the inspector says he is here to inquire about the suicide of a young women in the early twentys he believes they drove him to it. he questions them in order of there accounts with this young woman except for the end where he questions the mothere before the son. In each one he breakes them down firest hew questions mr birling. Mr birling does not see him self-responsible at all but in fact giveds the inspector reason why he was just to fire her. SHOELA FEELS SAD she got her fired because she was jealous of her Groft feels sad but cared for her Mrs birling feels no sadness even though she refeoused her help and would not let outhers help the girl but infact told them not to help she feels she was just. in the play that we saw the derector makes this scene the climaxe of the play. "your not even sorry now, when you know what happoned to the girl?" ...read more.


the inspector made them confess to a crime before it was comited so what could he have been?. there is no easy answer to this there is nothing we can say he isnt except normal. he could be from the future sent back not to change the past but to punish the unescsped. he could have been from god to seek retribution for there wrong doings. he could have been god him self or the unified spuirit of the world especialy with all the people surrounding them. we can never know how J.B Priesley meant for Mr Gould the play itself was very inspiring the content left you wanting more and it also was well scripted Priestly left you wondering what would happon with the family did they all go back to there normall lives or would they remember they where responcible eva would still be alive if they were not so selfish. the actors porttayed the carecters very well but i think a bit to much was cut out the direscter realy should have left in the bit about the titannic in mr birlings talk to the boys. the playright wrote this play because he was a socialist and wanted to demonstrate how we are all linked together by the universe. the play tells us something about our selves and how we should live with each outher. ...read more.

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