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An Inspector Calls - summary

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An Inspector Calls The Story is about a false inspector that enters a family at a joyous occasion with a story. Although the inspector is false the story is true. It is about something that involves everyone in the family. Also, this one story brings out the horrible truths of the whole family. It brings out things that the family would never have imagined about each other. The Setting: Place: Dining Room- Birling's House Where: Brumley- North Midlands Season: Spring Time: Evening- 1912 Characters: Arthur Birling head of the household Sybil Birling his wife Sheila Birling his daughter Eric Birling his son Edna the maid Gerald Croft Sheila's Fianc� Inspector Goole the inspector Relationship Between Characters: Birling: Birling is a self-made business man; he has made his own way up in the world. In other words he has made his own status- and a good one at that as well. The higher his status goes is as high as his nose goes. He is very self-conscious, he is self concerned. He only gives a damn about his reputation, his family and the fact that he has a knighthood. "That's something that this public-school-and Varsity life you've had doesn't seem to teach you." Here is an example of Mr Birling being stuck-up. The way that he says that these public schools don't seem to teach you; he is in a light trying to say that the public school that you go to don't teach you about authority and respect I guess that other private schools would. ...read more.


He is after all the heartache and the chain events that were true; he was still hoping that this was all a trick. So he goes as far as phoning the infirmary. When he does he is pleased to hear that no girls are actually dead. Still after everything that has happened, all the things that he has found out about his family, he has not learned anything and he has certainly not changed his attitude to the others. He is as he always has been; he is self- centred and selfish. Sheila: She is the daughter of Birling. She is in her late 20's and she is engaged to Gerald Croft. At first when you read the play she's of the more childish character. She is quite self- centred. Thrroughout the dinner party she is interested in her engagement ring rather than anything else. "Oh- it's wonderful! Look- Mummy- isn't it a beauty? Oh- darling- (She kisses Gerald hastily.) Throughout the next half hour she is sitting their admiring her ring. As you can see she has an affected way of speaking. This is because of the way she refers to her mother as mummy. I believe that Sheila has undeniably more spirit in her than her mother and father. For example at one point in the play she calls Eric "an ass". This part of her shows that maybe she isn't just a stereotype like her father. ...read more.


Priestley's own viewpoint was that the young need to be protected. At the end of the day Sheila comes out the most mature. She also has put her engagement on the hold. If you remember at the start I told you how she was calling her mom and dad, mummy etc. at the end she changes that to more of a socialist attitude and starts to call them mother and father. She is also their criticising their attitudes. So to round of the story has been about a family that feel because of their status are aloud to be a bit above other people. They feel that people that are below do not mean anything as long as they themselves are alright. They hold quite an interrogating, selfish attitude. After a dreadful experience that comes at an irregular time. A death of a young girl that involves the whole family seems to move the young people of the family; yet the people that are meant to be the more mature ones come out to be, at the end of the day, to be immature. Yet deep down it will always be a life moving experience for them all. Hopefully, if not all, definitely some. So, I guess that this story shows that status isn't everything at the end of the day. What you are isn't more important than whom you are; because at the end of the day, we are all born human beings and we will die human beings. By Mandeep Brar- 11AZ Mandeep Brar- 10VS Miss Povey 04/05/2007 English ...read more.

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