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"An Inspector calls" - Summary.

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"An Inspector Calls" "An Inspector calls" is a play written by J.B Priestly in 1945. It was set in 1912. In 1912, the Social Class System was still very strong, i.e. there was a clear division between the rich and the poor. At the start of the play, the prosperous factory owner Mr Birling and his wife Mrs Birling are holding a dinner party to celebrate the engagement of their daughter Sheila Birling to Gerald Croft. Their celebrations are cut short when an Inspector Goole comes round to question them about the suicide of a young woman named Eva Smith. One by one every person present is analysed and forced to uncover their role played in Eva's death. Mrs Birling and Sheila have very different personalities. Mrs Birling is a hard-faced, rigid, snobby, self-assured and very confident woman. On stage it would be appropriate to have her near the front of the stage, as she sees herself as somewhat significant. I would imagine her to have her hair back in a tight bun. Correspondingly, she would be tightly corseted and would wear an elaborate evening dress that would place a clear barrier between her class and any other. Her clothes would be a grave colour, i.e. ...read more.


Don't you understand? And if I could help her now, I would -" When Sheila recognises the picture, this could be shown on stage by Sheila gasping and then putting her hands to her face and collapsing into a chair in shock and horror as the realisation dawns on her. Sheila chooses to stay and listen to what Gerald has to say because she is curious, as she was suspicious of why he had for a certain period of time backed away from her. She wants to know what was going on when he said he was very busy, since she has always had nagging doubts in the back of her mind. When Sheila finds out that Gerald was having an affair with Eva Smith she is rather furious with him, but she still stays to find out all the details and facts, to find out why Gerald did it. "Nothing would induce me. I want to understand exactly what happens when a man says he's s busy at the works that he can hardly ever find time to come and see the girl he's supposed to be in love with. I wouldn't miss it for worlds -" On the other hand, Mrs Birling doesn't think that Sheila should listen to what Gerald has to say and requests that Sheila should leave the room. ...read more.


"Now you're all begging all over again to pretend that nothing much has happened -" Mrs Birling has already forgotten her role in Eva's suicide and is too busy worrying about whether the Inspector was real or not. Sheila and Mrs Birling reacted so differently because of their two diverse natures. Sheila is more sensitive and perceptive. She would take full responsibility for Eva's death if the others hadn't been there or if there hadn't been any more evidence. She was stricken with grief just for losing Eva her job and genuinely worried bout Eva that she had almost forgotten that other people might have had a part to play in her death too. Mrs Birling convinced herself from the very beginning that she had nothing to do with Eva's death and shows this through her actions. Because of the age gap there are many things to consider. Mrs Birling seems to have made herself resistant to other people's feelings, since she deals with so many people of the lower class asking in desperation for help. She shows no remorse and takes no responsibility for the death of Eva Smith. Sheila on the other hand can relate to what has happened to Eva due to their similar ages. Sheila also has a fresh mind, almost na�ve, which is partly why she takes it so personally. Monika Matwiejczyk ...read more.

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