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'An Inspector Calls' was written by J.B Priestley in 1944.

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'An Inspector Calls' was written by J.B Priestley in 1944. The play was set 32 years before the play was actually written. It was set around the year 1912. Britain in the early 1910's was very much a strong, powerful business nation, one of the richest in the world. For large factory and business owners, it was a time for great success. When J.B Priestly wrote the play in 1944, World War 2 was occurring and Britain was involved. The world was turned into chaos and the ideas of highly powered people of the past had been one of its majoring contributing factors. 'An Inspector Calls' is about a family called the Birling's which consist of Mr. Arthur Birling and his wife, his daughter Sheila and her fianc?erald and Eric, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Birling. They are a middleclass family in a town called Brumley. The play is based on a girl called Eva Smith who committed suicide by drinking disinfectant. The inspector then visits the Birling's house on the night of Sheila and Gerald's engagement. He interviews all the members of the family and without them realizing, they all have an awful story to say and they all have part to play to her death. ...read more.


It seems that every chance he gets he will brag and boast about himself. 'I was an alderman for years- and lord mayor two years ago' this was when the inspector first arrived and Birling couldn't wait to introduce himself and offer him a drink of whiskey. Whiskey was most probably an expensive drink in the early 1900's. Birling thinks the inspector has called of 'some trouble about a warrant'. Birling could also be described as an impatient character as he tends to hurry the inspector with the questions. Birling uses his status for protection against the inspector. 'Well, inspector, I don't see that's in any concern of yours how I choose to run my business. Is it now?' he is quite rude to the inspector for it is his job but he does has something he wants to hide which is why he is acting as thou he wants to protect himself. Birling also tends to look down on the inspector, what a real snob would do:-'...They'd be soon asking for the earth.' and the inspector replies with a sly, witty comment '...But after its entire better to ask for the earth than to take it.' ...read more.


'It was my own fault' A positive and obvious quote which shows that Sheila holds responsible for her own actions and is not afraid to express her feelings to the inspector, she has nothing to hide all though she is embarrassed and ashamed. Why cant her father just accept what he has done? The characters change throughout the play but Sheila is the obvious character which changes and is willing to change even more. Birling doesn't really change at all; he stays his own arrogant self. Gerald is very much like Sheila as he admits he is responsible and is honest with his actions which are having an affair with Eva Smith. They are both alike because they are honest to the inspector as for Birling who will not give straight answers and avoids direct answers. 'Do you remember her, Mr. Birling? 'No- I seem to remember hearing that name- Eva Smith-somewhere. But it doesn't convey anything to me. And I don't see where I come into this.' Again he sounds rather rude and stuck up with his high status. Birling doesn't change because Priestly is trying to make him the bad character and for the readers to realize. It adds more conflict to the family if he is different by not holding responsible and changing. ...read more.

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