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An Unforgettable Victory

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An Unforgettable Victory It's not so a sunny day today, with scraps of cloud hanging on top closely. Sunshine doesn't seem to penetrate through; the whole area seems to be dim yet intense. As you look into his eyes, you don't see fear, but a man of vengeance, determined to cross that finish line the very first. Sweat rolling down his eyes brings him to the point of desperation, only striving for the signal for him to release all the madness upon his opponent. From behind the back, nylon rope in the pit area, members of a small crowd hold their breath for forty five seconds of hell. Moments ago they were still gossiping, 'I have a feeling he's going to win this,' from the crowd of spectators. Yet in that very forty five seconds, anxiety filled up the whole atmosphere. All of a sudden, a thundering boom nearly knock them back a step, but they lean into the roar as if it were the wind. The sound sharpens, piercing through ears, forcing the people to mask their ears. Certainly they did not come for pain in their ears. Yet a cloud of thin, gray smoke slips through their kneecaps bringing extra pain, while invisible fumes stab at their eyes. ...read more.


In those few seconds anything could go wrong and going the speeds that they reach one bad brake would be disastrous. The cars accelerating down the track are faster than jet fighter aircraft on takeoff, keeping just enough sense about them to throw the chute when they cross the finish line. But with vibrations being thrown off by a super high horsepower engine, the slightest human error can send the car into the wall. There're all sorts of cars out there. From the high class professionals Top fuels and Pro Stocks to Funny cars, all of them looking very different and extraordinary stylish. In this international event nobody wants to get embarrassed; They all see it as a chance to show off their cars, covering in all sort of decorations. Flashy reflections and brilliant colours attract your eyes like magnets. It does not look like an intense competition but rather a carnival of beautiful cars. Winston's one, though not that fancy, his previous wins gained him fame hence his plain GP2 is easily recognizable by the crowd. Deafening yells are heard from the spectator area as he gently rows his car into the designed area. Depending on the warmth of the track, each heat begins once requirements are met. ...read more.


As he glanced at him for the last time before the race, fear is the sole option left, while victory is only sixty feet away. However Winston is not an easy one himself neither, once he set his mind, he will strive for his goal with uncompromising effort. So with a blink of an eye he sees the tree turning green, engine roaring in the back of his ears, and rubber burning at his heels, he blasts off the finish line with no worries. Like a jet spurts he, his speed so incredible that stuns pairs of eyes from the spectator sheet. Before he knew it he passed the finish line, not second, but first as he had imagined all along. For the next few moments he just yelled at the top of his lungs with inexpressible joy, tears poured down his face as if he had won the World Series of drag racing. Crowds cheered like soldiers who had just won a tough and long lasting war, some even throwing their hats towards the youthful champion. With great satisfaction and glory, he soaked in the moment with his friends the family, knowing that he had accomplished something he had dreamt as a little boy. And the best part of all, with his eyes wet, he saw his opponent walking over, reaching out his friendly hand with a smile on his face. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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