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Analyse and explain the religious themes in the film Frankenstein.

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Religion and Media Question A3 Frankenstein Introduction: In this coursework, I will analyse and explain the religious themes in the film "Frankenstein". I will talk about creation of man and life, death, evil and suffering. I will use the summary of the film and sentences from Bible and Koran as quotes to talk about the religious theme in Frankenstein. And also compare the Christian and Islamic themes of life after death. What's more, I will solve the question such as is it possible that man creates man, can we do resurrection and be immortal. Summary of Frankenstein: The film "Frankenstein" is based on Mary Shelly's novel. It was set in 19th century. At that time, the science was advancing. So for the whole film, science is an important part. The technology which Victor uses also affects religion. So religion is a major theme throughout the film. Because of his mother died. Victor starts to be absorbed in bringing the dead back to life. The great experiment that Victor is going to do is creating a creature. Unfortunately, he created a monster. It was made up from the remains of corpses. ...read more.


For today's science, we can't be confident to say we can do the experiment like Victor. Victor uses corpses, cuts up certain parts, sews them together and creates a life by the use of electric currents. And giving life to a dead corpse exceeds our powers as well. In the film "Frankenstein", death is just like a game. People died, but Victor can bring life to them. In religious theme, human don't have right to do anything with life. Human don't have right to do with death either. If you did, that went against religion and God. Christians think after death nothing happens, but at a time in the future the dead will be brought back to life. Human have a body and a soul which survives death and after death goes to a spiritual place where God is. People will have resurrection and be immortality of the soul; those are under God's control. "But God gives it a body as he has determined...So it will be with the resurrection of the dead." (1 Corinthians 15:38, 42) Muslims believe in immortality of the soul and resurrection. ...read more.


Allah allows some people to suffer in order to test their patience and steadfastness. When you see a person who is sick, poor and needy, then you are tested by Allah. Allah is there with that suffering person to test your charity and your faith. As a word, humans shouldn't say God gives us suffering. The way to the success is full of difficulties. The only thing we can do is using your intelligence to choose the right way. We should be optimistic, brave and tough to face up the sadness or suffering. Conclusion: The film "Frankenstein" is a science fiction and horror film. Maybe many people think it is unrealistic. In fact, the science is being developed everyday. In the 21st century, we even have clone. In my view, the purpose for the writer (Mary Shelley) of this story is reminding people this might be happened in the days of near future. It is a serious problem people need to think about. The film was against God. All humans are created by God. Human beings shouldn't create life by themselves. The film 'Frankenstein' is not just a horror film used for entertainment. It makes us think about life, death and resurrection. ?? ?? ?? ?? Yuchen Wang 11A ...read more.

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