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Analyse Shakespeare's treatment of Act 3 Scene 1 in Romeo and Juliet, as a turning point in the play and discuss its importance to the play as a whole.

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Analyse Shakespeare's treatment of Act 3 Scene 1, as a turning point in the play and discuss its importance to the play as a whole. 'Romeo and Juliet' is a play with a single plot, which is all about Romeo and Juliet's love. The play focuses purely on the swift course of love. This simple design begins hopefully up until Act 2 Scene 6 with Romeo and Juliet's marriage. However there have been several hints of what is to come. The first hint is in the prologue with the line ' a pair of star-crossed lovers take their life' which indicates that two people that are in love will kill themselves later in the play. The next hint comes just before the Capulet party where Romeo says 'with this night revels . . . By some vile forfeit of untimely death.' This indicates that this one night will lead to unnatural deaths. The third hint is just before Tybalt and Mercuitio fight, when Benvolio suggests that they should go inside and after says ' the day is hot, the capels are abroad.' ...read more.


But because he is friends with Mercuitio and is now related to tybalt romeo does not want anyone to get hurt so he try's to split them up, and comes between them. Unfortunately Mercuitio get stabbed by tybalt under Romeo's arm. As Mercuitio is dying he blames Romeo and repeats 'a plague a' both your houses.' Three times. As mentioned earlier Shakespeare's audience would take this seriously. Romeo, for the first time in the play, becomes enraged. Which is totally out of character for Romeo who is usually calm, quiet and sociable, he shows in this scene that he has little self-control. Romeo attacks tybalt in a blind rage and kills him after which Romeo realises what he has done and is surprised, shown by the words ' O I am fortunes fool.' This also shows that he did not want to kill tybalt and proves that he has little self-control. He also realises that he has just killed his new cousin. Romeo blames two things for Mercuitio's death, these are his fate 'Fortunes fool' and the other thing he blames is Juliet, he says 'O sweet Juliet, thy ...read more.


This means that there no is way that Romeo and Juliet's love can last. From the first time that tybalt sees romeo face to face, we can tell that he does not like him 'thou art a villain.' Romeo try's to diffuse Tybalt's rage by implying that tybalt does not know what romeo is really like when tybalt refuses this romeo again try's to suggest that tybalt should wait to find out the true reason for his love, this reminds you of the advice given to romeo and Juliet before there marriage by friar Lawrence, that ' haste always brings tragedy.' There are a lot of events in the play that if they took play or didn't take play could change the story completely. For example if romeo didn't go to the Capulet party he would not have met Juliet, if the servant had not asked romeo for help with the invitations then romeo wouldn't of even known about the Capulet party. And if Mercuitio did not feel so let down by Romeo the deaths may not of taken place. There are many other scenarios that could have changed the course of the play. Karl Buckroyd 113B 11SB ...read more.

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