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Analyse the dramatic importance of the end of act one of ''A View from the Bridge ''

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Analyse the dramatic importance of the end of act one of ''A View from the Bridge '' "A View from the Bridge" is a play, set in Brooklyn, America during the 1950s. At this time many migrants from Europe were arriving in New York because they believed that America could offer them work, money and a new life - 'The American Dream'. Arthur Miller worked on the docks of Brooklyn. This meant he could see what their lives were like. He could see what worried them, what made them angry and he learnt about the 'honour codes' of the Sicilians that he worked with. He decided to write a play about a family of immigrants living and working around the docks. In this essay I am going to be talking about the dramatic importance of the end of Act One, I will be looking at how Miller creates tension for the audience, building it up over the course of the later part of Act One to prepare us for the tragedy at the end of the play . ...read more.


When Rodolfo tried to enter the conversation and says ''once we went to Yugoslavia'' Eddie then changes the subject and blocks Rodolfo out of the conversation! This makes the audience feel that Eddie is angry with Rodolfo. When Eddie talks about oranges being green and Rodolfo replies with ''lemons are green'' Eddie gets angry with Rodolfo. He says ''I know lemons are green for Christ sake you see them in the store they're green sometimes''. Eddie feels angry at Rodolfo for correcting him and might get angry at him in the future. In page 37 Beatrice trying to change the subject to Marco's wife so that the tension between Eddie and Rodolfo will stop for now. Beatrice is trying to warn Marco about that he should not send so much money back to his family in Sicily or Marco will not be able to get back to his children. When Marco talks about his wife he is proud of her. Saying she has a clever family and is rich. When Eddie comments ''betcha there's plenty of surprises sometimes when those guys get back there, eh?'' ...read more.


Eddie says it in a sarcastic way. Trying to say Rodolfo is gay when Eddie starts talking about Rodolfo Catherine and Rodolfo stops dancing and turns off the phonograph. And that they know that Rodolfo is now angry at Eddie so this is good for Eddie because then Rodolfo will want to fight him and that means Catherine will not be angry with Eddie. And that he will stop Rodolfo from getting his hands on Catherine because she will get angry with him and will think he is gay. In my conclusion Arthur Miller's words and stage directions work together to change the dramatic affect of the play. Every characters in 'A View from the Bridge' has their own part to make the end of act one dramatic and important to us. Eddie reacts to threatening situations where he has to have an argument with them which then could turn into violent behaviour. It is because of this that aggression is such an important part in the play. Beatrice is the one that stops the tension from breaking out which mostly happens between Eddie and Rodolfo. That is what makes 'A view for the bridge' a dramatic and important play. ?? ?? ?? ?? Joshua lundin 11T ...read more.

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