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Analyse The Film Maker's Techniques To Produce A New Version Of Romeo & Juliet Which Both Appeals To A Contemporary Audience And Remains True To Traditional Shakespeare Ideas

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Analyse The Film Maker's Techniques To Produce A New Version Of Romeo & Juliet Which Both Appeals To A Contemporary Audience And Remains True To Traditional Shakespeare Ideas Baz Luhrman, the producer of the modern day version of Romeo and Juliet, has used a variety of techniques to produce a film that appeals to a contemporary audience whilst remaining true to Shakespeare ideas. The key points that Baz Luhrman had to take into consideration when creating the film were how each scene was edited, how lighting and colour would be used, use of camera movement and framing, sound and also the mise en scene. These were the factors that enabled Baz Luhrman to create a film that was catered for his target audience and that also captured the heart of the viewer and made them somehow feel involved in the film. From the opening of the film we zoom into a television screen on which a news report is showing, as if to introduce the scene and situation between the two households. The fact that a news report is used for the introduction implies to the viewer that the situation is serious and this therefore intrigues them and makes them pay close attention. This type of introduction would also be unexpected, considering we were watching a re-enactment of a Shakespeare play, who in his day had not heard of a television. ...read more.


The Montagues tend to shift their eyes in the anxiety of not knowing what to do, whilst the Capulets remain calm and in control of the situation, as if they are fearless. We are then introduced to Tybalt and we hear the non-diagetic sound of whistling in the background as everything becomes still and silent creating the impression that someone important has arrived. This is almost like a scene taken from a western because Tybalt also wears the cowboy style shoes, following the stereotype of cowboys who were superior duellists. We are shown a close up of Tybalts eyes, and we can see the aggression in them and how fearless he is. The clothing of the Capulets is quite a contrast to that of the Montagues, it is more smart and sophisticated creating the impression that they are above everyone else. We also see Tybalt smoking a cigar, which again provokes the idea of importance. The traditional Romeo & Juilet used swords, but to use swords in a duel for a film that is being modernised to appeal to a contemporary audience would not work at all. Baz Luhrman used the idea of naming the guns 'sword' this way he could incorporate guns, which would mean that the film would attract a wider audience, at the same time as utilising guns as a means of adding more action to the film. ...read more.


When Juliet drinks the distilled liquor, that Friar Laurence provided, we can see her how her face turns white as she appears dead. After the two lovers die and lie side by side, the camera slowly moves away in the silence, creating more impact and as if the souls of the two lovers are now in peace as they move away to heaven. The casting had to be carefully selected for the film also, as it would decide whether the film would be a hit or not. Romeo is played by Leonardo Di Caprio, a young smart boy, with teenage looks and charm. This not only proves beneficial to the innocence of his character but also because of his fame we would expect fans to come see him star in a film We can see that the target audience is obviously aimed towards teenagers and young adults and this therefore played a large part in what props and clothing were used in the film. We can see that apposed to the original idea of swords being used throughout the quarrels the two families have, the modern day version shows a sword to be a type gun, something that appeals to the audience and is associated with action films. This draws the attention of the viewer, as do the fancy sports cars. His target audience seems to be aimed towards teenagers and young adults, who tend to be interested in action and fast paced films that ...read more.

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