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Analyse the main themes in 'An Inspector Calls'

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The inspector?s attitude to social responsibility is the most dominant out of the characters in ?An inspector calls.? The inspector dwells on social responsibility as everyone being caught in a ?chain of events?, so implying that we are all responsible for each other?s actions. He has opposite views of Mr Birling; who strongly believes that people should only look after themselves. The Inspector is a representative figure and mouthpiece for Priestley?s socialism. J.B.Priestley wanted to show that in society we must be responsible for one another and recognise that our actions can have an impact on others. ...read more.


Mrs Birling expresses the fact that women must ?get used to? the fact that men with important work to do must spend time and energy on their business. . At the time ?An inspector calls? was written, women conformed to the attitudes and actions of men. This suggests that the role of a women in this time period is clear, to abide by the man?s business and ethics. It surprises me that these attitudes are expressed by Mrs Birling, a woman of the upper class. ...read more.


In the eyes of Arthur Birling ?cheap labour? is what is needed to gain higher profits and to be successful. This implies that he is concerned only about the profits of his company. He does not care about his employees. Mr Birling, being of a higher class than the workers, believes that they know best and should make decisions for the masses. This was mainly based on how much profit he could make and they rarely considered the welfare of the workers. As a hard-headed businessman he has no time or patience to look after anyone but himself and his family. ...read more.

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