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Analyse three scenes from Frankenstein by Mary Shelley in 1832.

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Frankenstein was a novel written by Mary Shelley in 1832. At the time when 'Frankenstein' was written gothic novels were very popular and so this novel was seen to be very popular. In 1994 the 'Frankenstein' novel was turned into a movie by Kenneth Branagh, starring Kenneth Branagh himself as Victor Frankenstein. The film used many techniques that make a film become part of the horror genre. Such as Music and sound, language, weather, violence, color, special effects, camera angles and symbolism. I have studied three scenes of the film in class. These scenes have all the information we need to know about horror and what makes this film belong to the horror genre. In this assignment I am going to show how the film Frankenstein belongs to the horror genre. The first scene begins in the artic where a ship is caught in a bad storm and all the men are panicking. The scene uses lots of different techniques to build up horror. ...read more.


This builds up a lot of tension. As he gets closer we find out it's not the monster but it's Victor Frankenstein. Then another howl is heard and this time the tied dogs run loose, at which point Victor says leave them, they're already dead. This use of language builds up horror you start thinking what is out there so powerful to kill several dogs. Then the monsters hand is shown with blood on it resembling violence and death. The monster is then shown approaching in the first person view as if the viewer is the monster. Here camera angle is used to show terror. The scene begins with lively dancing. All of Victor's family friends etc are dancing, the music shows happiness among the dances, good music is being played and everyone is relaxed. The colors are mot dark. The surrounding is white and blue and the colors are bright. Suddenly Victor's mother falls powerless and goes into labor, the music stops and everyone is all over the place. ...read more.


The monster appears above the skylight he is illuminated in a flash of lightning. The monster enters the room and says to Elizabeth 'don't bother to scream' and then rips her heart right from her stomach. This is the violence presented in such terrifying ways in which lead 'Frankenstein' to the horror genre text. It shows blood and violence, which really brings the horror and tension. Victor notices Elizabeth's door open and realizes what the monster is there. As he goes in he sees the monster holding Elizabeth's heart in his hand. There is blood all over the monsters hand and the heart still beating. I have analyzed the three scenes and focused on the main points in each scene which show that the film 'Frankenstein' belongs to the horror genre. Many techniques have been used in the film which makes this film belong to the horror genre. The scenes I analyzed contained blood, music, atmosphere, violence and special effects. The scenes create tension and fear for its audience. Zeeshan Farid Select three scenes from 'Frankenstein' which show the film belongs to the horror genre. ...read more.

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